Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why I have a blog

I was offended by a friend the other day due to a comment made about my blog.
I felt like I was being belittled because of certain things I have had to overcome.

I was told-indirectly- that this post was inappropriate and that I should not have posted it for the world to see.  I was told to pretty much get over it.

I have been thinking a lot since this comment was made.
Then I came across an interview for Mrs. R. She said so perfectly what I have been trying to put into words. here.

(thanks Andrea for posting it.)

Here is the part of Mrs. R's interview that I couldn't have said better myself:

"...There is something about writing for me that is so healing. There is power in owning your story. There's healing power in thinking about your experiences and emotions and putting words to them. It helps you define and process how you feel."

This is why I made that post.
I even said in there that I may regret posting it.

But, to be quite honest,
I didn't regret it and felt a lot better doing so...until that comment was made.

This is my blog.
because of this,
I may talk about some things that are personal to me.
(not too personal, because I know my blog is not private...for good reasons, but yes, personal)

If you do not agree with my blog do not read it.
If you do not agree with my post, don't rip on me for posting it.
Just simply click the little X on the top right hand of your screen and it will remove it from your view.

Amazing what technology does these days.
If you don't want to see it,
you don't have to.

for the most part I have such great supporters.
99% of my blog readers are SO supportive and I love you all for it.
I'm so greateful for the amazing friends and support I have found through blogging.
So thank you to the rest of you :)


Megan said...

Andee, I was glad you posted that blog. I want to post stuff like that all the time but am too afraid. When I read that you had the same feelings about that type of post, I was glad you did it.

Cory and Becca said...

Great post are strong for sharing your life with others on your blog to help reflect, heal, inspire, uplift and provide greater understanding about adoption..with that comes ppl who sometimes feel it is their responsibility to put down such openness..perhaps it is due to discomfort in their personal ability to deal with things...for any number of reasons it really doesn't matter, what really only matters is how you will choose to respond to opposition...and this post is great!--it is YOUR blog, YOUR experiences..if someone has issues they can just stop reading! :)

Lechelle said...

Andee, thank you SO much for all you share on your blog.


Savannah said...

I just started to follow your blog so I had to go back. I thought it was a beautiful post and a great tribute to your friend. I would miss a friend like that too.

I understand the why you are upset. I've had to learn to control my emotions because sometimes I end up going back and deleting parts or entire posts because it upset someone. I even had to remove a comment from a DIFFERENT blog because it made someone mad. And my private blog I had, I had to make it public because these people just KNEW I was talking about them.

But I do heal when I write and that is why I do it and that is why I think everyone else should. Mrs. R did say it best. My lame attempt would read something like, I write because it is theraputic for me.

Lots of love!

brittany michelle said...

just because other people don't want to read it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. just because you don't publish it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. and i don't think you should hide what exists. so whoever told you to hide it, they need to figure out if they can handle reality, because I don't see why you should hide anything you post. You post everything for a good reason. It's not like you wake up and think, "I want to write about the most personal stuff ever." You just write what needs to be said, and you don't talk about inappropriate things, so don't worry about that. I admire that you put yourself out there in a human light. Tell whoever commented that way that blogs aren't supposed to portray perfect people, and they definitely aren't supposed to hide reality.

Steven & Blythe said...

Don't worry about what others say Andee! You are a strong beautiful young women and the lessons you have learned by what you have been through should be a lesson to us all! Keep writing all you want. We all love you and love to be your support along the way!

The Millers said...

Some people are a little too ignorant for their own good. What people like that don't realize is how hard life's been and how healing it is to write about it....AND let's not forget, how HEALING it is for OTHERS to READ it. Props to you! If you don't want to read it then don't, simple as that.

EM said...

Andee, I don't even know you personally, I'm just a blog friend I guess. But I had to comment when I read this entry. I LOVE reading your blog. I LOVE your honesty and integrity and I think you are an amazing woman. You have brought me to tears many times reading about your strength and testimony. Please don't let this person change anything about you or how you express yourself on your blog. You have inspired me many times and I hope you will keep it coming.

Nicole said...

I'm amazed that someone you call a "friend" would do that! Obviously, in that post, you were having a bad day.. for good reason. You should never have to justify your bad days, and how you feel to anyone, especially to someone that is supposed to care about you. Second, like you said its YOUR blog, so YOU get to choose what YOU want to write! So keep on writing.. what you need and want to write, because my hell the blog's for you: not haters. ;)

Queen Mama said...

Aww Andee. I feel ashamed to post my personal-ness at times as well. Then I read yours, being so young, yet mature. And able to to display your emotions and honestly wearing your heart on a sleeve, giving me the strength to get closer to open up and show the real reason I have a blog in the beginning. I agree with the previous person about the "friend" even saying that. That's honestly, NOT a friend!

Michelle said...

People can be so mean...I think its because for whatever reason...they dont understand. You are doing great with your blog. I know as an adoptive mother, it helps me.