Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm entering a contest and I have to post a picture of her on my blog.
except, I can't do it on my private blog because they don't have access to that.

and I REALLY want to enter the contest.
So I have no other choice, but to post it here! haha

I'm feeling kinda mean and I think she's dang cute and I want to show her off! :D :S

So until July,
here's a picture I took of Kali last week.
This bow cracks me up because it's SOO huge.

It's the biggest one she has.
ha I love this picture.

The contest is filled with professional pictures.
taken with the nice cameras and such.

But we can't currently AFFORD a camera like that,
plus I'm not very talented in that area nor do I know anything about it!!

I still wanted to give it a try though!

The Paper Mama