Saturday, October 30, 2010

National Adoption Month.

November is coming up and we all know what that means...
National Adoption Month!

this whole month,
I'm going to be making "hoping to adopt posts"

But this time,
I need your help!

if YOU or someone you know is hoping to adopt,
send me an email to with,

a few pictures,
information about yourself/or the person you know that is hoping to adopt (With their permission of course),
and anything else you would like to add about your self (i.e. Your blog address, website, Profile etc..)

I LOVE National Adoption Month
and am so excited to meet new couples!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Little Avery Leigh is 2 years old today.
(this is probably one of my most scatterbrained posts yet...bear with me. It's exactly how I feel today!)

I've been thinking about what to do for a post all day long,
but couldn't think of anything.

It's hard to explain how I feel about it this year!

Avery two years ago..

Avery Now...

I had work today.

Since I work at the hospital she was born in,
all I could think about was the events leading to her birth.

It doesn't seem like all of that was two years ago.  at all.

This year is also a lot different than last year.
Last year was a lot more difficult.
It was hard for many reasons. I cried of not only remembering her birth,
but also of saddness.  I missed her. It was hard.

But this year,
the emotions are different.
I've never once even been sad because I miss her, or because I'm not her mother,
I've only shed tears when thinking about her birth.

It was such an incredibely spiritual time for me.
The Spirit comes back so strongly whenever I think about it.
and this year,
I'm pregnant again.

Tyson and I are Celebrating with her and her family tonight.
words don't describe how grateful I am to Dustin and Andrea for allowing me this.
It's been such an incredible blessing to watch her grow up,
and I don't think I would feel as peaceful and confident about all of this if it wasn't for them allowing me this open adoption. I love them!

I decided that for her 2nd birthday post,
I'm going to post this when she is EXACTLY two years old.

By the minute.
She was born at 5:17.
1717 in military time.

by the way,
the numbers 7 and 17 have been my lucky numbers since I was 13 years old.

Avery was born at 1717 and our hospital bands,
which had to have matching numbers,
were 7777. :))

Avery is a miracle.
She saved my life.
She's a blessing to so many.
I love her so much.

I love you!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Being a grown up

So I guess,
Since I'm [supposed to be] a grown up now,

I have apparantly,
subconsciously of course,
placed blogging in the 'non-grown up' category.

I'm totally SLACKING in this area.
I love blogging,
but sometimes,
it's a huge pain!!

One reason,
because whenever I read someone else's blog I think to myself,
"how do they make their blog so cute? I want that."
and then I become discouraged.

haha, but lusting is bad.
So I will work on that :S

Here is an update on married life:

We are still trying to qualify for a house we found.
It's taking a while because,
since Tyson pretty much changed his entire identity,
he has absolutely no credit.

Which means,
we have to find a lender that is willing to just go off of my credit.
Which is kinda difficult if you've ever bought a house before.

since we could no longer tolerate the HORRIBLE management at farmgate/timbergate apartments in Herriman Utah (i'm telling you the name of the apartment complex as a warning. do NOT consider living there. They are horrible),
hahaha..but seriously.

My wonderful parents,
have agreed to let us stay in the mother-in-law apartment in their basement until we can qualify for that house/find another apartment if we cannot qualify.

this weekend we moved in.
We're hoping to get in to a house quickly, but you never know!
Which is another reason we moved in with my parents instead of getting another apartment.
We don't know how long it will take and we don't want to sign any contracts.

We also got our pictures back from our wedding.
If you're friends with me on facebook,
they're all there.

If not,
I posted a few here.

LOVE this picture. He is one years old and going to be an uncle just a month after turning two!!

Need a flower lady? Mine was completely AMAZING!

My beautiful Flower Girl

LOVEDDD our cake!!! I've got her number too!

Yes we did jump in the pool!!

 Sorry such a short random post!
I have to work tomorrow and it's late :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This time of month brings back so many memories and emotions.

Everytime I go outside,
I am reminded of two years ago...

When Avery was almost born.

I am overcome with such a peaceful, quiet, sacred feeling everytime I feel the cool air hit my face.
I want to cry when I smell the crisp fall weather settling in.

The way I felt at this time two years ago,
is unexplainable. 

I will not ever be able to find the right words for it.

The Spirit was with me so strongly.
The things that happened during the month of October two years ago were the most sacred, spiritual, hardest things in my life.

It proved to me how strong I can be when I have to be.
It proved to me how much the Lord loves me.
It proved to me that with the Lords help, I can honestly do anything.

When the weather starts to change from summer to fall,
I feel it almost immediately.
The peaceful feeling I had with me during October of 2008,
 is brought back whenever I walk outside and I just want to sit outside, close my eyes and remember it all. 

Last year,
this feeling was hard for me.
Even though it was a peaceful feeling,
all I could think about was what a difficult time it was.
My heart still ached tremendously.

it's a different feeling.

I want to, and sometimes do, cry when I feel the cool fall air on my face, 
but it's not of pain.

It's of peace.
It's of amazement.
It's of LOVE.

This year,
I am pregnant again.


Instead of the end of my pregnancy this month,
I'm at the beginning,


Instead of carrying someone else's child,
I am carrying MINE.


Although I believe that hormones have a lot to do with crying so easily this month,
I don't think it's JUST hormones.
This month will always be the most life changing month of my life.

October is always a month I look at with such peace.
My best friend passed away this month,
and I placed the one person I loved more than anything,
with another family.

It's something I will always always remember this way.
whenever the weather changes to fall,
I don't think I will ever look at again as I did before 2008.