Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm a very stubborn person.
When something upsets me and I'm in a stressful moment of my life...
I don't give in easily.
especially when someone TELLS me to do it.
forgive someone.

and it was definitely hard for me to get over the comment from "Anonymous".

In all reality,
it wasn't even that bad.
I over reacted.

I was hurt nonetheless.

that comes with having a blog. Especially one like this.
I need to accept that and learn to respond more...appropriately.

I was feeling really guilty the other day, driving home from work and had decided I was going to make a post to apologize for the way I reacted.

I got home and read this:

Anonymous said...

Lechelle thank you for your point of view. I very much understand what you are saying. I would like to apologize to the original blog owner/poster for the previous comments I made. I didn't mean for them to be as offensive as they came off. I think I may have taken some of the context the wrong way. I don't think adoption is a negative, selfish or easy thing to do at all. I was just offended by the thought that someone would suggest it was easier than parenting a child. Anyway I will leave it at that as what I say seems to rub a lot of people on this blog the wrong way. :/

After reading this,
I felt even more guilty.

here's my sincere apology for the way I acted to everyone... including anonymous.
I need to accept the fact that not everyone will agree.
I should have responded better than I did.

I'm sorry. I will definitely work on not blogging when I'm angry!!


Michelle said...

Your such a strong girl Andee. ;)

Lechelle said...

One of the downsides to blogs are that both posters and commenters can be so easily misunderstood. Especially when either party vents. For me, when I need to vent, writing is the best way for me to do it and I almost always feel better after.

I'm so grateful anonymous apologized. It was brave of her to take that step. Hopefully she can start over as a reader of your blog and continue to learn from you and your experiences.

And this was so brave of you Andee. I totally love and respect you.

Holly said...

I accidentally fell across your blog today. My husband and I are currently trying to adopt through LDS Family Services. I was having a really hard day today and feeling really down until I found your blog and watched your adoption video. Thank you for giving me hope, letting my cry, and refocus my thoughts! Hope you have a good day!

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

Humility is an amazing thing. So is the ability to say I'm sorry. I think everyone learns and grows more and becomes a more understanding the more they say sorry.

I love you Andee!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Andree. Anonymous doesn't blame you for being upset. You had a right to be! - Anonymous.

Em. said...

I just found your blog in a round about way. But a blessing.
I am both a biological mom to 2 and a hopeful adoptive mom.
Thanks so much for putting yourself out there for me to learn from.
Waiting, as we have for almost 4 years, it helps to be able to get this insight.
I hope I can be the right kind of support for our birth mother, wherever she may be.