Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I blame Nuva Ring!! :)

This post is officially life changing.
This post may also be a little TMI for some,
but I have to include it all so that it's understandable.

let's go back to about June of this year.

I had been to my Doctor appointment and we had decided on the Nuva Ring for birth control,
I started it just a couple of weeks later.

At the beginning of August,
I took it out for my period,
a week later,
I replaced it with another one.

That week I began spotting.
That spotting turned in to bleeding.
That bleeding turned into..bleeding harder than even a normal period.

I began freaking out and called the Doctor on Call.

He told me to take out the nuva ring and he would call in something to stop the bleeding.

I went to take out the Nuva ring...and it wasn't there.

I called the Doctor back and he told me to make an appointment with my doctor as soon as I could.

When I went to the Doctor,
he told me that it probably fell out with the bleeding.


at this point,
it's a week before the wedding...
I discussed my options with the Doctor and he said that because it was so close, nothing would be very effective.

we decided that we would just use Condoms until I started my period again.
I would try the Nuva Ring again.

for the first month of our marriage,
we were going to use Condoms.

a whole month?
who were we kidding?

we pretty much decided to risk it for a month.

Yesterday morning,
before I went to work,
I took a pregnancy test.

Here was the result:

My reaction was not how I expected it to be.
I started smiling and I couldn't stop!
(I was expecting more of a HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FAST reaction ;))

It was 5:30 in the morning,
but I didn't care.
I ran in to Tyson and and woke him up and made him see it for himself.

After that,
I couldn't stay with him.
I had to go to work!!

The whole day at work was crazy!
I couldn't concentrate and all I could think of was how we were going to tell our parents!

After much help from my co-workers,
we decided to give them a bouquet of flowers, with a card with baby footprints on them,
saying congratulations Grandma and Grandpa!
and then the pregnancy test.

It worked out pretty well!!

We recorded it,
but for some reason, my computer won't accept the memory card it's on.
Hopefully I'll figure it out eventually.

The point of the story,

Can you believe it??
We hardly can!!

According to the 'due date finder' or whatever it's called,
(I got it as a gift when I was pregnant with Avery,)
We are due May 30th!

I honestly don't think it's hit me yet.
We found out we were pregnant on our one month anniversary....!!!


birthMOM said...

you and like 14 other birthmoms i know have all gotten prego in the first month of marriage, which took place in the last year!! coincidence?! lol

myshel_01 said...

Congratulations :)

Amanda said...

HAAAAA. Take a risk for a month? WHATEVER.


Krista Eger said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAKING AWESOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!! Hey I blame the Nuva Ring for Nate too, but mostly because it made me CRAZY! So we decided to stop wasting $50 a month and we risked it and well, that's why we have a cute little toddler running around!

YAYAYAYAYYA I'm so happy for you!!!! AGGH!!! I can't even believe how happy I am for you! It's so amazing!!!! :D :D :D :D :D He/she is going to be SOOOO DANG CUTE!!!!

Now let's talk about home birth ;) haha jk! Love you! Congratulations! Come visit me when I have Audrey! :D

The Lynd Family said...

This post made me want to laugh, giggle, cry, and jump up and down! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Maybe you had plans to wait longer but sounds like this baby sure had different plans! LOL! Gaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Awesome :D

Sharon said...

Holy crap!!!! I am soooooo excited for you guys! He or she (or both, could be twins, lol) is going to be a beautiful baby!

StefanieJinelle said...

Baha. YOU couldn't stop smiling when you found out? I couldn't stop smiling when you told me! I'm SO stoked for you and Tyson. You better let me hold the young child. :)

Lechelle said...


Andrea said...

Congrats! You two will make great parents. Thanks for calling the other night, it meant a lot. Love you Andee!

Davin & Alli said...

HA HA HA. Fun! Congrats!

Mae AJ and Conner said...

YAY.. congrats... :)

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for a really long time. I think you're such a great person and I'm so excited for this new adventure you are beginning! Thanks for sharing your life with us!


Danielle & Clint said...

OK, let's be honest. I totally blog stalk you. My sister is a birth mom so I love hearing stories about other birth moms. I think adoption is such an amazing thing and I think you are an amazing girl. So now that you know I read your blog, I want to say CONGRATS!!! I am so very excited for you and Tyson!

Our Happy Family said...

I love reading your blog and even though I have never met you, I just got extremely excited for you when I read this post. That is so awesome!!!! Congratulations!

Katie said...

So I think I commented like...2 years ago or something, and you don't know me, but I just had to say congratulations! It makes me happy to see such great things happen to wonderful people. You are such a great example. Congrats again to you and Tyson :)

Valerie S said...

I think your little baby will be a great blessing to you and Tyson and your whole family. He/she will be most loved.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Ohhhh!!! Wow! Congratulations!

Holly E. G. said...

I know you've been getting lots of "you don't know me..." comments but...you don't know me but I totally love your blog! I started reading a year or so ago, when someone linked to your adoption/birth/placement/Avery's story and was struck by how amazingly strong you are.

I have to tell you, I have been fighting back tears of happiness for you every time I think of your amazing blessing. Heavenly Father is SO good and it is just wonderful and amazing and exciting all at once!


swimmingviolist said...

Haha! That's too funny! I'm glad I finally got to meet you at Stef's wedding! Congrats on your marriage again! And Congrats that you're expecting! :D That's very exciting! :D

Angee said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! :)