Sunday, August 29, 2010


I married my soul mate on August 20th, 2010.
It was THE BEST day of my life.
The day started off amazing.
I woke up around 6:30,
and left for my hair appointment.

From there,
Tyson and my AMAZING Maid of Honor Keara
met me and we drove up to the Salt Lake Temple.

Because our Ceremony wasn't until 1:40,
We decided to do our pictures around temple square before so that we could still have our Luncheon before the reception.
(which, by the way, I would HIGHLY recommend)

We had our Photogapher and Videographer there at the same time
and I was so happy to see how well they worked together.

It couldn't have been better!

Unfortunately, we don't have our pictures from the wedding day back yet,

our amazing videographer posted our same day edit on Facebook,
I'm posting it here:

They did SUCH a good job!
I love them.

After the pictures,
we were able to go right in to the temple.

I can't even explain how amazing it was.
The happiness I felt while I was in there,
while being sealed to my Husband FOREVER,
was so amazing.

Words cannot express what an incredible experience it was.

After we were married,
we were able to go out for pictures with our family.
That probably took a total of an hour at the most and then we were able to get dressed,
and go right to the luncheon we had at the park.

The Reception was at 7 pm in my parents backyard.

Ask Tyson his favorite part,
and he'll tell you....

We jumped in the pool at the very end.
It was WAY better than I thought.

we were able to leave right after that.

My amazing aunt MaryJane, sent us to Park City until Sunday morning,
and then we went to MAUI until Friday Morning.

It was amazing.
I wouldn't change a THING about our wedding day.

I'm SO SO SO grateful for all of the amazing people in our life that helped make my day the best EVER!
Including the people that just came to the reception.

we were SO SPOILED through all of this.

We probably paid for 10% of the things we have been so very blessed with.
We have our apartment (which obviously we are paying for ;)!!)
We have everything we need already.
We received SO MUCH money in cash/gift cards,
that it paid for our entire honeymoon.
AND for all of the other things we needed for our apartment
(and there was quite a few things)

Avery was my Flower girl!
I will have those pictures posted when they come back,
there ARE a few on Dustin and Andrea's blog though :)

She was SO adorable.
I'm so grateful to them for letting her be part of the wedding.

I never posted my Bridals.
We got them done on July 21st at the Great Salt lake.
Tyson came cause I wanted him to be in most of them..cause a marriage equals TWO..not ONE!!

So here's just a few of those:
(I'll post the ones from our actual WEDDING DAY when I get them back!! :D)

Here's to an amazing forever with my incredible Husband.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 days!!!

I can't believe there's only 10 days left until our wedding!!

We've gotten a lot done...
but we still have a LOT to do.

I never have time for anything anymore.
I can't even go to work without stressing about everything I need to do when I go home.

But it's okay,
cause it's going to be worth it!

We got our apartment :)
Tyson moved into it about two weeks ago.
I LOVE it.

It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms
and is furnished with:

a washer and dryer,
a diswasher,
and of course a microwave and fridge!

We have a pantry and both bedrooms have walk-in closets.
I'll post pictures sometime!

I'm getting my endowments out THIS SATURDAY too :)

I hope that most everyone can come to the reception!
It's in my parents backyard.

I'll get better at blogging once things have settled down a bit after the wedding ;)
there will be lots of pictures!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends with my mom on FB?

If so,
you may have seen this post from her:

"Bye Bye Andee Aguirre...hello Andee O*****"
[I thought it'd be best to leave out the new last name...since this blog IS public!!]

and then her response to the comments saying:

"I am referring all questions to Andee and Tyson...haha"

I thought that now would probably be the best time for a blog update explaining this.

it is true.
My last name is changing...and my fiance's name is also changing!

HAHA confused?
allow me to explain.

Ernesto is amazing.
I have said this many many times before, but I haven't really explained some of the reasons why.

When he was 11 years old,
him and his 5 other siblings were pulled out of there homes and placed into foster care.

They seperated everyone but his two younger sisters.
They were pretty young and were adopted together.
From what I understand, they converted to the church shortly after.

Ernesto and his two brothers were all seperated.
He had an older sister that was pretty much on her own at this point.

him and his younger brother 's' went from Foster home to Foster home.
After about 4 years of this,
Ernesto was placed in a boys group home since they couldn't find another place for him to go.

His younger brother 's' was placed with foster parents named 'M' and 'R'.
after 's' told 'M' and 'R' about his older brother Ernesto,
they decided to go find him so that 's' could have his older brother back.

When they asked him to come and live with them and his little brother 'm',
of course he said yes and him and 's' were reunited.

When 'M' and 'R' introduced Ernesto to the church, he became immediately interested
and was converted to the church at age 16.

I met him about a year later.

At age 18,
Ernesto and 'M' got in a huge fight.
he was a teenager so obviously he wasn't thinking clearly and he left 'M' and 'R's' home.

He had become very close to my young woman leader through me so he went straight to her home.
They took him in for 8 months while he prepared for his mission.

In the mean time, 'M' and 'R' wanted him home to them. They ached for him to come home because he was their son. Although it wasn't official, they still saw him as their son. 

He loved this family he lived with. They have become very close friends through all of this, even more than before. He left for his mission in April of 2008. 

While he was out, 'R' wrote him constantly. He began looking forward to all of her letters and started realizing while on his mission that 'R' was his mother and had been from the start.

During his 2 year mission, 'M' and 'R' adopted 's'.
When Ernesto came home from his mission, him and 'M' and 'R' went to the temple. 
They all felt this day like Ernesto belonged in their family...but they did not communicate this to each other...

until last Wednesday the 21st. 

Ernesto and I were talking. He was talking about how much he wanted Eternal parents. We were getting married so he was going to be sealed to me and we were going to be our own Eternal family. But who wouldn't want parents to be in their Eternal family?  

So, after a long talk, he decided that he was going to ask 'M' and 'R' if they would adopt him. 
he did it that night.

The second he brought up adoption, 'R' started crying. 
They started telling him how long they have been waiting for him to ask this. 
They couldn't contain their excitement.

SO, while they were talking, Ernesto decided that because his last name was changing, 
he might at well change his first name too! (he wanted it to go with the last name) 
I am SO excited for them!
The Adoption was finalized on Friday!!

He was going to come to the FSA Conference with me...but we decided his adoption was a little more important!!! haha.
I was extremely disappointed that I couldn't be there. They were happening at the same time.
But at least I was promoting what an amazing thing adoption is!


As of  Friday, Ernesto is not longer Ernesto.
He is now Tyson :)

He loves that name and I love it too.
I think he even looks like a Tyson.

It's really hard for me to get used to calling him Tyson...but I'll get it eventually.

SO! If you're coming to the wedding, please don't be confused when some stuff says Ernesto and some says Tyson...we had the announcements and sign in book made before all of this happened!!

So yes,
my fiance's name is different.

but NO, I'm not marrying someone else!!
haha ever.