Sunday, August 29, 2010


I married my soul mate on August 20th, 2010.
It was THE BEST day of my life.
The day started off amazing.
I woke up around 6:30,
and left for my hair appointment.

From there,
Tyson and my AMAZING Maid of Honor Keara
met me and we drove up to the Salt Lake Temple.

Because our Ceremony wasn't until 1:40,
We decided to do our pictures around temple square before so that we could still have our Luncheon before the reception.
(which, by the way, I would HIGHLY recommend)

We had our Photogapher and Videographer there at the same time
and I was so happy to see how well they worked together.

It couldn't have been better!

Unfortunately, we don't have our pictures from the wedding day back yet,

our amazing videographer posted our same day edit on Facebook,
I'm posting it here:

They did SUCH a good job!
I love them.

After the pictures,
we were able to go right in to the temple.

I can't even explain how amazing it was.
The happiness I felt while I was in there,
while being sealed to my Husband FOREVER,
was so amazing.

Words cannot express what an incredible experience it was.

After we were married,
we were able to go out for pictures with our family.
That probably took a total of an hour at the most and then we were able to get dressed,
and go right to the luncheon we had at the park.

The Reception was at 7 pm in my parents backyard.

Ask Tyson his favorite part,
and he'll tell you....

We jumped in the pool at the very end.
It was WAY better than I thought.

we were able to leave right after that.

My amazing aunt MaryJane, sent us to Park City until Sunday morning,
and then we went to MAUI until Friday Morning.

It was amazing.
I wouldn't change a THING about our wedding day.

I'm SO SO SO grateful for all of the amazing people in our life that helped make my day the best EVER!
Including the people that just came to the reception.

we were SO SPOILED through all of this.

We probably paid for 10% of the things we have been so very blessed with.
We have our apartment (which obviously we are paying for ;)!!)
We have everything we need already.
We received SO MUCH money in cash/gift cards,
that it paid for our entire honeymoon.
AND for all of the other things we needed for our apartment
(and there was quite a few things)

Avery was my Flower girl!
I will have those pictures posted when they come back,
there ARE a few on Dustin and Andrea's blog though :)

She was SO adorable.
I'm so grateful to them for letting her be part of the wedding.

I never posted my Bridals.
We got them done on July 21st at the Great Salt lake.
Tyson came cause I wanted him to be in most of them..cause a marriage equals TWO..not ONE!!

So here's just a few of those:
(I'll post the ones from our actual WEDDING DAY when I get them back!! :D)

Here's to an amazing forever with my incredible Husband.


Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

You were a beautiful bride! (And Que was in my bridal photos too, so I totally get that.) :)

Sharon said...

I agree with Brittany, what a beautiful bride! I love the photos from your bridals and the video is awesome! I wish I could have made it to the reception, but I am sooooo happy for you guys!

Lissa said...

We are so sad we couldn't be there. You look absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats-we are so excited for you!

Savannah said...

I love that you had him at your Bridal's! I totally agree. My biggest pet peeve is when family wants a new family picture and they won't include the spouses. Grrr. We are a family now!

Davin & Alli said...

GORGEOUS! You look amazing. I'm so happy for you. My husband and I were just sealed on our second wedding anniversary, I'm so glad you were able to be sealed from day one! Congrats!

Jamie said...

SO pretty! You two look perfect together.

Nicole said...

Congratulations Andee! I love your photos. :)

Ron and Jessica said...

You guys look amazing! Love the black and white photos. Congrats!

*Aliese* said...

I've read your blog off and on for awhile as my husband and I are strongly considering adoption. This post just warms my heart! I'm so happy for you; congratulations to you both!

Queen Mama said...


I don't blog no more - please if you want to add me to fb - my email is FAMTYT1STLADY@YAHOO.COM! I would love to chat and keep up with you!! XOXOXO