Thursday, January 20, 2011

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I have had a REALLY hard time doing this.
Every single comment I received on my last post,
made it harder and harder to just abandon my blog.

After reading all of the advice,
I feel like I've put all of them together and made a decision.

Before I received the 30+ comments on my last post and on formspring,
I was going to just completely move this blog to private and not allow any access...
then once we had the blog published,
I would delete it completely.

now I feel like I'm being selfish.
It means a LOT to me that so many people have benefited from this
and to be honest,
I didn't realize it.

Since I still feel like it would be best for my family to have a private,
less controversial blog,
I have already created a new one and began making my personal posts there.

But I don't think I'll delete this blog.
At least for now.

I am going to moderate ALL of the comments I receive.
I will NOT publish the hurtful, mean comments.
I won't even finish reading them if I feel that they are moving to negativity towards who I am.
I CAN'T deal with those kinds of people anymore.

this blog will be about Adoption.

I probably won't post very much.
The only times I will is whenever I do something pertaining to adoption,
AKA speaking at high schools, on panels, attending an adoption related event, etc..

If you want to access my private blog,
comment on this post/send me and email with your blogger email address.
I can only have 100 readers on that blog.
I am HOPING I can keep it private.
I'm not sure how it will work so that my entire family can read it,
but I do NOT want negative comments on it.
We'll see how it works :S
But again, that blog will just be about my family and our lives.
I will post on there a BUNCH!

This one,
will not have as much activity. 
But I feel too guilty deleting it completly.
Especially if there are still other people out there that can benefit.

I honestly LOVE all of my readers.
I can't explain how helpful and sweet you all are to me.
I don't wanna just abandon you!!

I'm hoping this works.
If not,
I'm going to have to completely quit posting to this blog.
and I will only keep it up until I have it published.

I am grateful for all of the comments and advice received from my last post.
It really has helped me decide...
plus it's alot less painful for me to do it this way. :)
I didn't like my last decision and was having a REALLY hard time with it.

I'm not going to completely delete it.
At least for now.
But if you want to read my personal blog,
comment/email me with your blogger email address
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myshel_01 said...

I promise to leave only nice comments! =D

kimsueellen said...

I would love to be invited to read your family blog. I love you!



Krista Eger said...

Peta-maree said...

I am so sorry that you have had to go through all of this. One day the hurtful people will go away.

I would love to be able to read you family blog.

The Jorgensens said...

Afton Peterson said...

I would love to be able to read your family blog. If there are a lot of people though I understand there are more important people then me.

Lechelle said...

I would love to read your family blog!

birthmothertalks said...

I would love to read your new blog.

Anonymous said...


I understand a lot of what you are feeling. I had my blog public for a long time and enjoyed being able to share my journey not only as a single mom but also as a birth mother. Then life handed me some experiences that caused me to ponder having my life public so I made my blog private. I did this for awhile and then made another decision to export my blog to wordpress because I didn't like that I was giving one person so much control of my life when I wanted to share.
So I have exported my blog onto a wordpress blog that I created and now I am able to make the post public or private. If I make the post private, then readers can email me for the password and they can read the post. You can either make 1 password for your entire blog or change it up. This way you are limited to a specific amount of readers.

Just my 2 cents :) Take care


Terri Olzack said...

I would love to read your new one also but understand if there isn't enough room, but if there is,

Julie said...

Would love to keep up to date on your new little family.

Kate said...

I promise to support you and your growing family.
mezney@ msn dot com

Savannah said...

Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this, I hope it works for your family. I know you have helped birthmoms and hopefully in the future you'll be able to help more.

Comment moderation is a wonderful idea, but also turn off the anonymous comment. I have learned that people will say the cruelest things if they don't have to attach their name with it.

Best of luck to you and your family.

Danielle & Clint said...

Sweet Andee, I would love to keep reading about you and your little family on your private blog.

Booth Family said...

I would love you read you family blog. You help me see the side of a birthmom and it helps me as an adoptive mom.

Lissa said...

Um hello...I totally need in on this.

But don't make fun of my blogger email(it's a long story and too late to change):


Megan said...

I'll make it in the 100, right?

Bean Sprouts said...

I'm not a good commenter, but I do love reading your blog. As a fellow Birth Mom, your blog is like therapy for me.
I hope to still see some adoption posts in the future!

Julie said...

You dont personally know me, but I have been reading your blog for awhile now, its so inspirational...I would love to continue to follow your little family as it grows, but understand that you can only have a certain amount of people follow you, if you have room, could you add me?

my email is

Thanks so much, and congrats on everything!

p.s. you got married on my birthday! what a great day :)


hope2adoptbaby said...

I'd love to be added too! Shelby

Rick & Liz said...

Pick me pick me. I was so sad when you mentioned going private and possibly deleting this blog it was one of the first I read when we started our adoption journey and I would love to keep up with your new growing family. :)
<3 Liz

Rick & Liz said...

Oops I forgot

Ashley Bennion said...

If you have space I would love an invite but if you don't I understand - ashleybennion AT hotmail DOT com

ASRussell said...

oh! Pick me! Pick me! :)

Anonymous said...

Andee - I don't know where I find your blog, but I'm stalking it for almost over two years. And I'm loving it. I'm from Germany and I would love to read your family blog.

Anonymous said...


I would absolutely LOVE to be included in being able to continue following your new blog. I am sure you have many that feel the same as I do so I can understand if you don't have room for me, but if you do, I would truly love that. As I said on your Formspring, your blog is the first blog that I found and followed. Not sure how I found your blog maybe it was after seeing a video on YouTube. You are truly an inspiration to many. Thank you again for sharing your life with those of us, it has been an honor to get to know you through this blog. You are an amazing young woman, thank you again! Many Blessings In Christ!

Chelsey Cutler said...

If there is room I would still love to read your blog.

Lynn said...


I was so sad to read that you were going private but I can understand. If you still have room for more, I would LOVE to continue to be able to read and keep up with your blog. I am not sure how exactly I found your blog but I can honestly say that I am glad that I did. I wish you much happiness and blessings in the future. Take care!

Jenn said...

Hey Andee--

I'm a long time reader (found you on Mrs. R's blog) but first time commenter. When I read your last post I felt badly for never commenting to say how great and strong and brave you are (you know, to do my part counteract the negativity a little! :) ) and I'm sorry I never did. So I will say it now. I think you are incredibly courageous and selfless and smart and strong. I admire you and the way you stand up for the things you believe in in such a public (and often looked down on) way. You never deserved any negative comments and I hope you never let them get you down.
I am sad you won't be blogging on here much, I was really looking forward to reading about you and your husband raising your new baby. But I totally understand where you are coming from. : ) And support you making the decision that is best for your family.
Unlike other readers I'm not a birth mother, adoptive parent, or even parent at all (yet!) but I still enjoyed your story and updates and learned a lot from you. So thanks!
Best of luck to you and your new family!

ls said...

so i am just another stranger letting you know that you are a pretty incredible person and i have been so touched by your story. i found you through kim (of simply me) and the r house, and have had tears in my eyes reading some of your posts and imagining what you have been through. so happy that you have found your happiness and are being so blessed in your life for your sacrifices-- i'd love to read your family blog if there is room, but understand if you don't want strangers creepin' in on your space :).

Angee said...

Andee, I'm so glad you decided not to delete your blog. To be completely honest, you are what inspired me and my husband to have an open adoption. We saw what a wonderful thing it was with you and Andrea and I just knew that we wanted the same thing. So thank you for your testimony. I can understand you don't want to get hurt for your beliefs and I think it's super smart to make a private blog for your family. Best of luck!

Mae AJ and Conner said...

I want to be invited.

Kim said...

Me please!

Britney said...

Hi Andee,

Another one of your readers. :) I came across your blog ahwile ago and have checked it ever since. I'm so happy for you and your growing family. If there's room, I'd love an invite.

Thanks so much!

Megan Louise said...

You have blessed my life so much. There have been so many times when I would read a post and it was like you wrote it for me. Oh the times you've made me cry because I have found answers to prayers and words of advice through your posts. You have lifted me and my testimony so much. You are an amazing woman and are an inspiration. The Lord is working through you to get His message out and His work done. Thank you so much for everything you've done for this little stranger, I'll be forever grateful

Katie said...

Like many others here, you don't personally know me, but if you have room, I'd love to continue watching you grow. You're truly such an inspiration to me. If there's no room, that's fine. You're quite the popular girl :)

Adam and Andrea Daveline said...

Hey glorious cousin!

I would love to see your blog, if you have room;-)

Love you pretty lady!

Holladay Family said...
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Holladay Family said...

I don't leave my comments (which is why it is gone) so my email address doesn't get out in the good old google search. :) It was nice meeting you today. You are so pretty in person. :) I hope everything turns out ok for the woman who was next to you. Lisa

Lara said...

I am a new reader, and I just want you to know how much it means to me to read about your perspective as a birth mom. I am an adoptive mom. We have an open adoption, but my daughter's birth parents live on the other side of the state and have very gypsy-type lives so we have very little contact with them. I wish we had more. Reading about other birth moms helps me imagine how my daughter's birth mom is and how we can help her.

So, thanks for the occassional adoption post. I really look forward to them.

Jennifer said...

I'd love to be able to continue reading your blogs as well. If you still have room, please allow me :)



Steven and Blythe said...

I would like to see your private one if that is OK with you!