Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The one thing I am more passionate about than Adoption...

I gotta say it hit home for me more than ANY other post I've ever read.

If you want me to lose complete respect for you in less than 10 seconds,
just say these four word to me:

"I've had an Abortion"

I in no way see my losing respect for you as judgemental.

Because if you have had an abortion,
it seems quite obvious that I care more about that Child you've killed more than you.
Which is quite sad.

I can't imagine someone loving my child more than me.

Abortion is the one thing that I can honestly say I am more passionate about than Adoption.

Adoption is the BEST option!
I love it SOO MUCH!

But I would never ever say that someone was wrong,
or being selfish if they chose to single parent.

That is there decision and that is them doing what they think is best.
and it very well could be.

But Abortion??
There is NOTHING anyone can say that will make me think that is a good option to choose.
It is NOT best for that child they are carrying.
That Child isn't even being born!
Instead they are bruttally murduring it.

I gotta say,
I don't know anyone that wants to be murdered.
Do you?

has anyone walked up to you and said
"I wish someone would murder me today."
Or better yet,
has anyone ever said
"I wish my mom had just had an abortion when she was pregnant with me."

didn't think so.

Before I go on,

I would like to admit that my writing skills have hit the toilet.
I don't know why but I can't seem to write what's on my mind as well as I used to...
I'll call it pregnancy related. ha.

Because of this,
I've decided that I'm just going to show this video.
I am SO passionate about this that the best way for me to state my feeling is by showing this chilling video.

I watched it when I was pregnant with Avery.
I cried all day after watching it.
I couldn't believe that someone would do this to a child.

I am pregnant again.
I gotta tell you now that I can't watch it.
I have a child inside of me right now.
She is moving as we speak.
She is playing around in my belly and getting bigger every day.

It kills me to even entertain the thought that this happens to other baby's like her.
I am getting emotional just typing it.
It kills me to think that when I was pregnant with Avery,
people chose this option over Adoption.
I can't imagine EVER doing this to Avery,
to my CHILD.

To something that is COMPLETELY depending on me...
and this is how you show them that you care?

The video is long, but it's facts. WATCH IT if you don't believe abortion is murder.

After watching this,
you tell me if it's still just TISSUE that you're getting rid of.


birthmothertalks said...

Oh Wow! That made me feel ill! I never have had an abortion or have I considered it. It's goes against what I feel is right for me. I have always been on the fence about the rights of others, but I don't know if I could say the same now. Yuck!

Krista Eger said...

Yeah I watched about half of that video and I thought I would be able to handle it, but after he kept talking about how the baby was moving around screaming silently all I could think about was how that baby was crying, but because his lungs are filled with fluid, you can't hear it. It reminded me of how Audrey cries and I take care of her immediately. I can't imagine how she would feel if I heard her scream and just let whatever was making her scream keep happening. This is so disgusting! I couldn't watch it anymore. When I stopped the baby was still alive. As a mother to a perfect angel baby, I can't even imagine this!
Although I've NEVER been pro abortion, working at the hospital really taught me a lot about human life. I just think that the fact that a baby can be a fetal demise at even 13 weeks has a death and birth certificate tells me that that baby is a human life.
I'll just stare into my perfect baby's face and be grateful for every moment I have with her!

Candace said...

I hope you don't mind I just linked this post to a post I wrote...

I agree with you 100%

kristi said...

Hello. Found your blog through a friend. just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this post!!!! Amen sister! We adopted a handsome baby boy almost 7 months ago and are grateful every second of every day his wonderful BM didn't choose abortion. Thank you for posting this! And congrats on your new little one coming soon :)

Anonymous said...

Well, call me a coward for doing this the anonymous route but I just have to say this post saddened me, not only because it was about abortion but because of how absolutely judgmental and rude it was coming from you. I had alot of respect for you and have had many conversations with you and love you..but..wow. It's one thing to have passion about something but it's another to COMPLETELY insult and knock down others for decisions that THEY chose to make. The comments you made to the girl on Stefanie's blog were so so rude.

Even though I could not agree with you more about the wrongness of abortion, the things you said in response to that girls comments were awful..Her decision was made and you calling her the things you did is not going to make a difference. It was rude and I was offended by it, even though you weren't even writing to me. Christ taught that we should love one another..that means always, even if they have made choices that you consider to be wrong.

You say you lose complete respect for someone who has had an abortion? Well, your response and harsh awful statements to others when dealing with the topic of abortion made me lose alot of respect for you, unfortunately.

Sorry. There is a way to be TACTFULLY passionate about something and there is a way to completely insulting, and you achieved the second one...

Andee said...

First off Anonymous,
like I said before, it is something I am INCREDIBELY passionate about. It's something that I do NOT understand that someone can sit there and think is okay. So I'm not going to "sugarcoat" it.

Nobody is perfect. I am definitely far from it and I have an INCREDIBELY hard time with this subject and the people that support it. I see nothing wrong with it especially this post.

I don't see anything wrong with what I said. It was blunt, and should be, because what they are doing is pure murder. If you've talked to me in person before, I suggest you come talk to me in person again about this subject and we can talk about it that way.

Krista Eger said...

Go Andee! I'm sorry that crappy people have to put you down for something you're passionate about. To me that's like saying "Don't talk about murder that way! You're hurting that poor murderer's feelings"
Child rape, child murder, child abuse in any form is one of the very most disgusting awful things a person can do, but apparently the child's age doesn't matter. If the baby was born and then hacked, it would be looked at as much more horrific, but since you never actually have to see the child, it's suddenly ok.
Andee I don't blame you for getting upset at someone for abortion. I get upset when I hear about child murder too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this link. It was difficult to watch , but again, it should be. I agree with you, abortion is murder, and shouldn't be sugar coated. This is your blog and people who don't like what you have to say have the choice not to read it. Thanks for sharing your life with us, I hate that nasty people are making you think of deleting your blog.
good luck with the baby and all that you do in the future.

Booth Family said...

Andee, I could not agree with you more. I am a woman that cant carry my children. So for someone to do that and not give that child a life to a family that want kids is just wrong. I cried when I watched this. I am sorry people are rude and mean to you about this.

Sharistan Kay said...

Oh my gosh!! I have never thought of an abortion, but this made me so sick, I can't believe that people out there do that to a living child and think that it is ok! If I had gotten pregnant earlier than I did, I would have been for adoption all the way!! This made me want to cry, thinking about the child that is inside of me, thinking about all of those people out there that aren't able to have children and people are so careless that they do this instead of follow through the pregnancy and give one of those people that isn't able to have children the child that they created. Wow, I just am in awe that people think this is ok to do. Andee, you are amazing for what you did, and I respect you even more than I already did! You are such a wonderful person, I am so glad we met back in middle school!

Misty C said...

This just made me so sick... I am sitting here crying my eyes out on how someone could even consider doing this to a child.. It is murder... Adoption is the answer if you are not ready to have the child you are pregnant with... There are so many great people out there that can not have children.. I learned that going through the adoption process with my daughter.. Thank you for sharing..