Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know I'm a little late doing this.

I've been REALLY sick,
as well as my whole family.

Tyson ended up taking me to the instacare on Thursday night.
We were there for 4 long hours
because not only did they put me on a Saline IV,
they gave me TWO bags.

Apparantly I was dehydrated!!
It made me feel way better than I had all day that day,
but turns out,

I have Strep Throat + the Flu.
Not fun considering I'm not over morning sickness yet either.

After the Dr told me he was sure that was what was wrong,
My mom called me the next day saying that my little brother
(who had strep throat a couple of day before,)
was just diagnosed with the Flu as well.

My voice has been gone since Friday.
I really cannot miss anymore work.
I've missed enough with this morning sickness.
I am not going to have ANY time left to take off for Maternity leave!!

enough of that.

Christmas was really fun!

We went to my familys annual Chrismas eve party
and ate lots of food and had a lot of fun there as usual.
My aunt gave us a REALLY comfortable blanket.

After that we went home,
opened our Pj's and sibling presents.

Tyson got a shirt from my little sister
I got a gift card for Maternity clothes from my BIL Blake!!

Kali is already getting Christmas presents too!
My mom got her an adorable bracelet and a matching binky holder
and my dad
got her a UofU hat (of course! haha)

On Christmas morning
We opened presents with my family.

I got maternity clothes from Tyson
my parents gave us a Wii!!

we went and visited Dustin Andrea and Avery.

It was the CRAZIEST thing.
I know it hasn't been that long since we've seen Avery,
like less than two months,
but I swear she got a TON bigger all of the sudden.

When we knocked on the door we heard little feet running to answer it.
and When she opened the door,
it was like she had grown two inches.

She's talking like a champ too.
It's so wierd!!
She talks to you in full on sentences.

From what I could tell,
she can pretty much carry on a conversation.
I know she's two,
but it's just wierd!

We also got a video camera,
so while I thought I recorded way more than this,
I'm glad I at least got her saying "Hi"

Even though,
she spoke a LOT more than that.

She's so funny.

Dustin and Andrea gave us a really cute blanket for Kali,
and the game Transamerica
(which is what we played in the hospital while I was in labor with Avery)
and of course Sour Patch Candy!!
For Christmas.

We love them and really enjoyed the visit!

After that,
we went to Tysons Great Grandmas house
and had dinner, opened presents and played games with his whole extended family.

I knew I married into the right family when they pulled out the games.
if you know me at all,
you know I'm a HUGE fan of playing games.

We were spoiled by his family too.
His great grandma gave us candles and $$,
his Grandma and Grandpa gave us a gift card to the movies and $$ as well
and his parents gave us a Chili's gift card.

We love our families
They spoiled us!

It was so fun
and even though we received so many generous gifts,
 we truly felt the true meaning of Christmas
and it was definitely a great first Christmas together!

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