Wednesday, December 29, 2010

18 week Dr Appointment and the Best husband ever

I had my 18 week appointment yesterday
and I have my 20 week Ultrasound next week
(I'll be almost 20 weeks by then)

Everything looked good and good news,
my heartburn has lessened quite a bit within the last month!!
It was pretty bad,
but now it's pretty bearable.

Kali was hiding from the Dr when he tried to find her heartbeat.
It took a bit to find it and I'm not gonna lie,
I panicked just a bit when that happened.

But that's pretty normal. Especially for me.
I seriously worry about EVERYTHING.
It really is such a miracle that my little girl is growing in my belly...
it doesn't feel possible so I constantly worry that something is going to happen to her!
(It's apparant that it doesn't get better with each pregnancy. haha)

things went well with that.

when I got home, I began feeling incredibely sick.
My little brother just tested positive for strep throat...
so I'm thinking it could be that.

I have a sore throat and everything,
but I also have a headache,
and extreme congestion.

I'm sure the Nausea is pregnancy related,
and I've had headaches before,
 but NOT like this!!

the point is I was feeling sick
(and it's only gotten worse today)

I got home around 4:30,
and Tyson got home at about 5:30.

When he got home,
he seriously waited on me more than ever.
Not only had he been working hard at work all day,
but then he comes home,

makes me a grilled cheese sandwich and soup
tickles my back,
gives my Tylenol,
prepares a bath for me
and makes sure I have everything I need.

when I remember that I made plans with Keara to play games with her and some other friends,
he drops what he's doing to relax,
and says we should go.

he tells me I look beautiful,
(When I have wet hair flailing everywhere, no make up on and I'm in ugly pj's
It's obvious that's not the case! haha)
He tells me not to change,
and we go play games until we decide we need to go home to go to bed so we won't be tired for work.

THAT was only yesterday.

he worked way late,
in the freezing cold, on the roof of a store, in a blizzard.

He calls me when he's driving home and knows i'm sick so he picks up some dinner,
brings it to me in bed
makes sure I have everything.
Just like he did yesterday.

I absolutely LOVE him.
I definitely don't deserve someone so incredible.

He's gonna be an incredible Dad.
I love you Tyson!

I'll post another pregnancy picture next time :)


The Lynd Family said...

Hubby are just nifty to have around aren't they? ;)

Shawntae said...

your hubby is the cutest! That is soo nice of him. I was soo evil when I was pregnant. bless his heart. Hey it's hard carrying a baby for 9 months! That's my excuse

Krista Eger said...

Yours needs to teach mine some lessons! haha :D