Thursday, December 2, 2010

14 Weeks

I'm hoping it's just my computer because it has a wide screen...but I AM aware that my belly looks way to big for only being 14 weeks.
or maybe it's the shirt.

I'll keep making excuses to feel better.

I had my Dr Appointment today.
I gained 1 pound!!
(haha yeah I was suprised it was only that much as well)

My feeling that this baby is incredibly active
was most likely presumed correct.

When the Dr was getting ready to listen to the heartbeat,
I told him that I've already been feeling the baby kick.
Just little flutters every now and then.

The Dr seemed suprised,
and I could tell he was thinking "that's just gas"

But after setting the doppler on my belly,
the baby started kicking the thing like crazy.
I think he believed me after that.

Since I work there,
I listen to the heartbeat when I'm working.
and the last few times I've tried to hear it,
the baby would kick the doppler and move.

So I wouldn't be able to listen to it for very long cause the baby would move out of the way.

I've decided,
whatever the gender
(even though I'm pretty set on what I think it's going ot be)
This baby is going to have Tysons characteristics as far as energy goes.
If any of you know him,
you'd know exactly what I'm talking about!!

Things are going well.
I love seeing Tysons face when he hears the heartbeat.

8 more days until we find out...



ASRussell said...

I say BLUE!!!

Shawntae said...

Hey I read your blog and love it! I'm Krista's friend and found your blog through her.

I'm soo excited that you are having a little bebe. I can't wait to find out what you are having!! If you have a boy they are soooo much fuuuuuuun. :)

P.S You gave my baby his very first bath in the hospital and I even have a picture of you doing it on my blog under "birth story"

can't wait to read more about your guys' life.


- Shawntae

A Life Being Lived said...

Thank you for sharing!!! I'm soo happy for you :)

Krista Eger said...

Andee, I looked big at 14 weeks too. I think it's a second baby thing! :D Audrey was WAY more active than Nate too so maybe that means you're having the opposite sex! :D Even though I guessed girl. I can't wait to find out! I loved having that doppler at work! The only problem is I can never hear my babies till 14 weeks because I have a tilted uterus. SO I had a lot of days of hoping I'd hear it and never hearing it. You're such a cute preggy girl! :D

Seth and Deb said...

As far as I've seen and witnessed, you always get the gender opposite of the one you placed. I felt my third baby kick at 14 weeks, it's ever so slight BUT you have to really be paying attention AND you have to know how to distinguish it from stomach gurgles. Good luck on finding out the gender. And the more babies you have the bigger you get, trust me.

Karilyn said...

I had to laugh at the last comment, "the more babies you have the bigger you get, trust me"?????????


I have seven children, my mother had ten, and we are BOTH tall and thin.

On my last one, I still had a waistline when I was 8 months pregnant! (first one, I gained a total of 9 pounds, I was so sick, the 2nd one, gained a total of 12 pounds (dropped another pants size after he was born), and the third one, I gained a total of 15 pounds (dropped another pants size after she was born).

My mom never got big with any of her children, so... trust me, it's ain't necessarily so.


You make 14-weeks along look really cute!

(you helped my daughter, Meaghan, when she delivered her last baby, a boy, she's 23.) I love the wedding picture at the top, too, gorgeous!!

myshel_01 said...

Girrrrrl. Pink :)

The Lynd Family said...


Linnea said...

I say Blue! I think you look fantastic.

Be blessed