Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So my goal has been to get better at blogging.
I've been HORRIBLE at posting since I got married.

my computer decided it didn't want to connect to the internet as of two days ago.

I am going to have to postpone blogging at least two or three times a week even MORE 
until we miraculously figure out how get a new computer. 

as a word of advice,
don't EVER get HP,
or even more don't ever get a Windows Vista.

I called them yesterday to see if they could help me figure out the problem.
They said in order to help,
they were going to charge me $170.

That's customer service!?!? 

haha. So yeah.
Enjoy the Holidays everyone! 
Hope I can update sooner than later!

This will be our only Christmas with just the two of us in the family :)

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swimmingviolist said...

I totally agree! HP uses recycle computer parts that can break down sooner than people would think! And people get them because it's the only thing they can afford! Go for Toshiba or Samsung they're better in Computer products and top of the list! And enjoy You're first and only Christmas together before your little Girl Joins to make wonderful Memories to come! ;)