Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby Update

I received a question on Formspring asking me why I don't update about my pregnancy on my blog.

I wasn't going to for several reasons,
but after a lot of thought,
I've decided that this is my blog.
It's like my journal.

I know I will want to tell my baby about the experience.
So I'm going to start doing so.

and I have a bit to catch up on!!

I know it's still November,
but as of now, I don't have any other "Hoping to Adopt" requests so I figured I should probably start keeping this pregnancy up to date! :)

Since a couple of days before finding out I was pregnant,
I've been sick.

It's gotten worse as time goes on which is completely normal.
I'm told that being REALLY sick like this, means the baby is healthy!
So that's helping me a bit. 

It wasn't like this with Avery.
Granted I was sick, but nothing like this.

I have been so sick, that I've lost weight.
I lost 5 pounds at my 10 week appointment.
The Dr. Said that if I lose anymore, he's going to put me on an IV.

I would really prefer to NOT be on an IV, so I've been desperately trying to gain weight
(first time in my life I've had to do that! ha)
Not sure if it's working.
I throw up a lot.

I threw up blood a couple of days ago
because my Esophagus is SOOO raw.

I just started taking medicine for that so I'm hoping that gets better.

We find out on December 10th what the baby is!

As you may or may not have noticed,
There is a poll on the right side of my blog.

I want to see what the results are.
The poll ends the day we find out.

We're so excited!!

I'm now 13 weeks and counting.
I've already starting feeling the baby kick.

Just little flutters every once in a while.
I can't WAIT until it's hard enough to nudge the skin!!
I can't wait until Tyson can feel it!

My next Dr appointment is December 2nd,
so pray that I have at least not LOST more weight!! 


Andrea said...

YAY for an update! So sorry you're feeling so sick. Hopefully the sickness gets more mild as time goes on. I am SO excited for you.

Lechelle said...

Hooray for baby news!!!

I'm sorry you are so sick, I hope it gets better soon.