Saturday, January 8, 2011

19 Week Ultrasound

I'm 19 weeks.
(almost half way!!)

We had our 19 week Ultrasound on Thursday and things look great!
Kali hates Ultrasounds.
She's turned her back towards us in both of them, little stink!

the Ultrasound tech got what she needed and Kali is completely healthy.
and yes it's still a girl!

With my dang belly getting so freaking big,
you'd think that Tyson would have been able to not only feel her kick,
but SEE her as well.

my uterus just likes to grow!

Kali is growing and I'm feeling her more and more.

Tyson finally felt her kick!
We were waiting to be seated at Chilis,
and were sitting in the front,
and all of the sudden she started moving around a whole bunch.

So I put Tysons hand on my Belly
and he finally felt her!
I was so glad.

that night,
I was taking a bath and she started kicking a whole bunch again.
and I actually saw my belly move.
I was so excited.
But it only moved the skin once so Tyson hasn't seen THAT yet.

I felt her move more than I ever had before yesterday
and today I've been feeling her a lot more...
which means she's growing...
which means it's getting closer.

In other news,
I got my hair done on Thursday too.
I changed it a lot...
more than I have in years!

It's closer to my natural color.
I little darker,
but this way I decided that if I'm unable to go get it done again,
(because we are trying to get a house...which we'll know for SURE if we are approved in less than 60 days)
Then it won't be obvious or look bad when my roots come in.

I've had a hard time getting used to it,
but most every else seems to like it...
especially Tyson. and he's really the only person I care about liking it!

19 weeks.


Krystal said...

you look cuter every time you update the blog! Glad everything is going well... good luck with the house too :)

ASRussell said...

That is always so much fun being able to feel the baby! And LOVE the hair! Really cute!

Melissa said...

I left you a blog award

Our Happy Family said...

Awww such sweet pictures!!! You two are going to have such a beautiful baby girl!