Friday, January 14, 2011

20 weeks


that's crazy.

I feel like it's taken forever,
but at the same time...
thinking that I only have that same amount of time to go...
seems like it's come really fast!!

We are all ready to meet our little girl,
but then again...we are SOOOO not ready!!

We still need to get into our house,
set up the nursery,
and finish buying all of the stuff we need for her!

Good thing we still have 20 weeks right??

Slowly but surely things are moving along with this house.
Once we get in,
I feel like we are going to have to hit the ground running to prepare for her.

I gotta say,
I don't think I stress more in my life than I do when I'm pregnant.
Maybe it's just the hormones...
but seriously.

I feel like everything is like...WAY worse than it is.

I'm hoping that is normal!
My Aunt MJ told me that fish oil pills or whatever those are...
are supposed to help calm you down a little.

I'm going out with her on Monday and she's going to bring me some.
I'm hoping those work!
I seriously feel so stressed out ALL OF THE TIME!!
It's starting to really make me forget about everything that is working out RIGHT...
because I'm focusing so much on all of the negative.

I hate it.

But at least I'm recognizing it right?
....I think?

Things are going really well for us's just a lot at once!

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Holly said...

Hey, my midwives told me about this stuff called Rescue Remedy. You can get it in drop form, and take it orally, or you can get the cream, and rub it on your body in certain pressure point areas, it's supposed to really help. I've never used it, but have a friend who swears by it. Apparently it calms you down, even in early labour.