Monday, October 18, 2010

Being a grown up

So I guess,
Since I'm [supposed to be] a grown up now,

I have apparantly,
subconsciously of course,
placed blogging in the 'non-grown up' category.

I'm totally SLACKING in this area.
I love blogging,
but sometimes,
it's a huge pain!!

One reason,
because whenever I read someone else's blog I think to myself,
"how do they make their blog so cute? I want that."
and then I become discouraged.

haha, but lusting is bad.
So I will work on that :S

Here is an update on married life:

We are still trying to qualify for a house we found.
It's taking a while because,
since Tyson pretty much changed his entire identity,
he has absolutely no credit.

Which means,
we have to find a lender that is willing to just go off of my credit.
Which is kinda difficult if you've ever bought a house before.

since we could no longer tolerate the HORRIBLE management at farmgate/timbergate apartments in Herriman Utah (i'm telling you the name of the apartment complex as a warning. do NOT consider living there. They are horrible),
hahaha..but seriously.

My wonderful parents,
have agreed to let us stay in the mother-in-law apartment in their basement until we can qualify for that house/find another apartment if we cannot qualify.

this weekend we moved in.
We're hoping to get in to a house quickly, but you never know!
Which is another reason we moved in with my parents instead of getting another apartment.
We don't know how long it will take and we don't want to sign any contracts.

We also got our pictures back from our wedding.
If you're friends with me on facebook,
they're all there.

If not,
I posted a few here.

LOVE this picture. He is one years old and going to be an uncle just a month after turning two!!

Need a flower lady? Mine was completely AMAZING!

My beautiful Flower Girl

LOVEDDD our cake!!! I've got her number too!

Yes we did jump in the pool!!

 Sorry such a short random post!
I have to work tomorrow and it's late :)


A Life Being Lived said...

The photo of you and Tyson with your veil sort of covering his face and him kissing you is gorgeous! Happiness! :)

Amanda said...


Lissa said...


I love so many of these pictures for so many reasons.

You look fantastic, I'm so happy for you!