Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Proposal: Our Story.

We decided to get married after picking out the ring. 

I did not get the ring until yesterday!
(now you know why I didn't want to wait until I received the ring to start planning the wedding!)

It was being custom made.
So that was going to take a couple of weeks.

We talked about it and we didn't want to have to make payments on the ring.
He wanted to pay for it in cash.

and because I wanted a summer wedding, with the reception in my backyard and all,
it would have been FOOLISH to wait for him to propose!

here we are,
47 days before the wedding,
and I FINALLY have my ring!!!!!

To the story.

I was at work on Friday.
At about 5:00, I called Ernesto.
I missed him and because I didn't get off work until 7,
I wanted to talk to him on the phone.

Here's how our conversation went:

Him: Hello?
Me: Hi, whatcha doin?
Him: Driving home
Me: From where? I thought you got off work at 4:30
Him: I did
Me: ...okay...then why aren't you home yet?
(he works about 3 minutes away from his house)
Him: (obviously smiling) ...Don't worry about it,
Me: haha DUH!!

I figured,
after this phone call,
(he's not very good at lying/keeping secrets! haha)
That he OBVIOUSLY was on his way home from picking up my ring.
(which made me EXTREMELY excited. I have been waiting for this thing for like...EVER it feels like!!)

out of excitement,
I texted my mom telling her that I was 99% sure he had my ring,
explaining why I felt this way.

About 45 minutes later,
and after telling my co-workers how anxious I was,
he called me back.

When I answered he immediately said:
"Hey, I'm about 99% sure you're WRONG about me having your ring"

I was SOOO Mad at my mom!!

when I got home from work,
I decided to pretend that I completely forgot about the whole ring conversation...
but then he brought it up!

he did a pretty good job at making me believe he didn't have it this time.
He told me that he did drive out there,
but they were closed.
He said he called the guy and he said that because of the Holiday weekend,
they would be closed until Tuesday.

I was pretty disapointed about this.
I told him to just call him and tell him that Monday was my birthday and he really needed to propose before then...and that my coworkers told me that I couldn't come back to work without a ring. All of this was true.

But I knew that it wasn't possible at this point, so I just accepted the fact that he wasn't going to get it until at least Tuesday.

about 5 minutes later,
He walked up, kissed me, said he couldn't lie to me and that he had the ring.

because I'm a brat,
I was SOO Mad at him for telling me the truth!
I was like "this is the one time you can lie to me...DANG IT!!"
(yes, I do understand that I'm a brat)

So, for the next almost 24 hours,
I worked on trying really hard to forget that I knew he had the ring.
I wanted it to be a suprise proposal.

On July 3rd,
We were celebrating the 4th.
We had a bbq and then we were going to go to Riverton park to watch the Fireworks.

While we were eating,
my mom says:
"So Andee, we were thinking of hiking up Ensign peak tomorrow. What do you think?"

I sat there for a second.
This was totally obvious.
I didn't think it could BE any more obvious.

Why would we go hiking?
On a Sunday for that matter?
After Church??

Our family doesn't really do that..haha

At first I oppossed.
being the brat that I am (again),
I didn't want to KNOW that he was going to propose.

then I started feeling guilty so I agreed with it and that was that.

About an hour later,
I went up to my Aunt MaryJane and told her to try to talk Ernesto in to proposing that night instead because I really wanted the ring and I knew that he was going to propose when we were hiking anyway.

She laughed,
told me I was a brat,
said no,
and I just decided to give up.

About 2 hours later,
we left to the fireworks.

It was my family,
My aunt MaryJane and Uncle Scott,
My Cousin Brandon and his kids,
and my sisters friends.

My Aunt found an AWESOME place right in the front behind the line we couldn't cross.
We had the front row of the fireworks.

The fireworks were supposed to start at 10:00.
At about 9:15,
I decided that I should probably run to the bathroom before the show started.

I told him this,
he said okay and I began walking.

On the way out of the park to the gas station behind us,
I ran into my cousin.
I started talking to him for a sec, then looked back at Ernesto who was motioning for me to hurry.

I thought he was being a little strange,
but just turned and proceeded to walk to the bathroom.

When I got into the gas station,
I saw the line.
It was WAY long just to get to the bathroom and I didn't want to wait that myself.

Yeah yeah I know,

I decided to just go back to our blanket.
When I got there,
I told ernesto the line was too long,
then my Little brother Told me he REALLY had to go to the bathroom.

HE was a good friend to stand in line with,
and it was only like 9:30,
So I told my mom that I would just take him and we would go together.

While I was explaining this to her,
The people came on the speakers and began stating the rules.
He talked about how we can't cross the line and blah blah blah.
I wasn't paying attention because I was too busy listening to my mom tell me that it was too dark and she didn't want me taking him to the bathroom....

I was REALLY annoyed at this point.
I was like "What!?? I'm like...21 mom! You don't trust me to take your 5 year old to the bathroom!?!?"

She just responded "not right now".

I sat down,
rolled my eyes
and began scooting in to cuddle with Ernesto,
when the guy on the Intercom said...

"Can we get Ernesto Aguirre up here please?"
I looked at him as he stood up,
then at my parents....

at this point,
I started realizing what was going on!

I started laughing as he walked the VERY long walk up to the Microphone and Speakers.
When he got there,
He said "Andee can you come up here please."

I didn't know what to do at first.
my shoes were off so I stood up and looked at my family.
I knew my face was red at this point, and I began trying to get my shoes on.

My parents started yelling no and said to just go up there.

I ducked under the "do not cross" line,
just as a Golf Cart came up.

the guy looked at me and said "here, let me give you a ride"
I got in the car and him and the four golf carts behind him followed as we drove up to my Sexy fiance.

When I got out,
I was shaking of...I guess...nervousness??

Hundreds of people were watching!!

When I walked up to him,
he began speaking in the microphone.
I wish I could write what he said word by word,
but I can't because I was too busy staring in his chocolate brown eyes.

All I know is that he said the cutest things ever.

he got down on his knee pulled out the most beautiful ring ever and asked me to marry him.

I was so mesmorized by the GORGEOUS ring he had in front me that I said yes quietly.
He asked me to say it in the microphone and my response was
"Uh, YEAH!"

I guess I didn't sound very enthused about it.
but I WAS!!

So if you were there,
I'm sorry that I sounded so unenthusiastic!
haha I really was SOO in love with my ring that I couldn't speak.

When I finally got the beautiful ring on my finger and kissed him,
they gave us a golf cart and told him he could drive us back.

haha it was the most
BEST way to propose to a bratty girl that was pretty much impossible to hide things from.

Cause I honestly had NO idea he would do it that way!!

I love him
and my ring...

The picture,
is what we gave them to make it look like...but we added our personality to it.

The picture doesn't do it justice AT ALL.
This the PRETTIEST ring I've ever seen in my whole life.

I LOVE it.

my mom did end up letting my take my brother to the bathroom.
and I guess the reason Ernesto was motioning for me to hurry the first time I tried to go, is because they were going to call him up any second.
So the second I was out of sight he ran as fast as he could up to the guys and told them to wait. haha. again. I'm a brat!!

OH and if you didn't figure it out,
Hiking up Ensign Peak was a Decoy...
They know me well. haha


The Lynd Family said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROFL!!!! I love it! I love it! I LOVE IT!!! So cute and adorable! Congrats on getting the ring! 4 years later and I'm still completely mesmerized by mine! When I'm bored I just sit there and stare at it - LOL! Again, CONGRATS!!!!!!

Mrs. Black said...

Wahhooo!!! LOVE IT! He did good sweetie!