Friday, November 20, 2009

Hoping to Adopt: Dustin and Andrea

I couldn't help but start this off with the people that are the reason I am involved in adoption.
The people that have made this a positive experience for me
and the people that are like Family to me.

Dustin and Andrea Adopted their first child in October of 2008.
They named her Avery Leigh, and (I don't mean to be biased or anything but) she is Darling.
Avery just turned one and Dustin and Andrea are now hoping to adopt again.

Dustin and Andrea were married 6 years ago in the Salt Lake Temple and were sealed to Avery on May 1st 2009.
They are so in love and amazing parents. The love they have for Avery is pretty obvious, isn't' it?

For Dustin and Andrea's Adoption Blog, Go Here

To find out more about Dustin and Andrea, simply read through my blog.
I'm sure you will see how incredible this family is.

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Andrea said...

Thanks Andee. You're awesome.