Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hoping to Adopt: Tom and Shian

Tom and Shian:

Tom and Shian met at work where Tom was installing a new phone system and have been inseparable since.
They are the parents of 8 year old Gavin who wants so badly to be a big brother!

Tom and Shian started the adoption process in may and were approved in October.
They can't wait to expand their family through adoption!

A few words from Gavin:
"My mom and dad are the best parents you could ever dream of.  My dad is really fun.  He likes playing with me.  We play pillow fight and try to scare each other.  My mom is the best person I know.  She saves me from dad when I get tickled.  I just yell "supermom" and she dashes around the corner..."

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