Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hoping to Adopt: Jacob and Sharon

Jacob and Sharon:

Jacob and Sharon have a beautiful 14 year old Daughter, Tammy and a dog Sirius, who they named after Sirius Black on Harry potter.
(They are huge Harry Potter fans!)

Jacob Sharon and Tammy love to travel and are currently planning some vacations for the summer, including going to Yellowstone Wyoming, and Sea World and Disneyland in California!

Jacob has spent the last 6 years serving as active duty in the army and is now working full time at a salt plant and going to school at the University or Utah for his Bachelors degree.

Believe it or not, Sharon already has a Nursery set up.
They cannot wait for the new addition of their little one!

To read more about these wonderful people, go HERE

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Sharon said...

Thank you so much Andee! You're awesome! I really do hope we get to meet soon. :D