Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hoping to Adopt: Kevin and Danya

Kevin and Danya were married March 19th 2006,
and decided to start their family through adoption about two years ago.

They don't have any kids yet, but they know that their little one is somewhere out there waiting for them to find him/her!

They live in Southern California in a city called Hemet and they absolutely love it there.

Kevin is a Deputy Sherrif with Riverside county and LOVES his job.

Danya is currently a volunteer coordinator for a non-profit international volunteer organization.
She also loves her job, but she cannot wait until she can make being a mommy her full time job!

Kevin and Danya are happy to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
and have a very loving and supportive extended family.

Some of their hobbies include hanging out with their family, which is very important to them, going to Disneyland about twice a month!!, Road trips, playing with their little dog "Tank", reading, watching "their shows" together, and going on spontaneous"secret adventures" (they are secret because they don't even know where they're going! They just enjoy driving around together listening to good music or talking about everything under the sun)

Danya says:
"Kevin and I are like two puzzles pieces molded specifically for one another. Heavenly Father definitely knew what he was doing when he brought us together. We are VERY similar in our likes and dislikes but it's our differences that help us to compliment one another so well."

To read more about Kevin and Danya, you can visit their blog by clicking HERE,
or their website by clicking HERE


DanyaLynd said...

Thank you so much Andee!!!!!!!!!

Alicia Jane said...

They are such an awesome couple!! They will be the perfect parents:0)

Michelle said...

They look so sweet together!

DanyaLynd said...

Thanks guys!!!!

Julie said...

wow in that last picture she looks a lot like you! Good luck w/ the adoption process