Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hoping to Adopt: Josh and Savannah

Josh and Savannah were married on February 9th 2001,
and were approved to adopt in January of 2009.

They love doing things outside like Camping, Fishing and Star gazing and the also love cuddling up on the couch on cold nights to watch a movie

Josh and Savannah believe that there can never be enough people to love a child, which is why they believe open adoption is such a wonderful thing.

They both love to cook, although Savannah says the highlight of the week is when Josh controls the kitchen and does the cooking!

They love kids and can't wait for the day they can share that love with their own children and to join in on the family fun.

To lean more about Josh and Savannah, you can visit their adoption blog HERE and their Profile HERE


Steven and Blythe Starkie said...

Our old neighbors are looking to adopt if you want to feature them at all...

Lechelle said...

Yay Savannah!