Friday, November 27, 2009

Hoping to Adopt: Shawn and Alicia

I didn't post yesteray because it was thanksgiving...and I slacked off!!
really sorry about that!

But here is the amazing couple hoping to adopt today:

Shawn and Alicia were married August 24, 2001 in the San Diego Temple.
They were High School Sweetheart who just celebrated 11 years of dating on November 25th.

They have two cute biological boys, Blake (6) and Cole (5).
Both Blake and Cole can't wait for another sibling.


Alicia is a Photogropher and Shawn is a Police Officer.

They just barely went through a failed placement and still strongly believe that their child is out there and that they will find them through adoption.

They can't wait to find their little one!

To find out more about Shawn and Alicia, read their blog HERE or their adoption profile HERE


Alicia Jane said...

Thank you so much Andee! We are so grateful to you for posting this.

DanyaLynd said...

Alicia and Shawn are an *AMAZING* couple!!! When they find their little girl she is going to be spoiled with love like no other!

Michelle said...

I think its wonderful that you are doing this for all these couples.