Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm entering a contest and I have to post a picture of her on my blog.
except, I can't do it on my private blog because they don't have access to that.

and I REALLY want to enter the contest.
So I have no other choice, but to post it here! haha

I'm feeling kinda mean and I think she's dang cute and I want to show her off! :D :S

So until July,
here's a picture I took of Kali last week.
This bow cracks me up because it's SOO huge.

It's the biggest one she has.
ha I love this picture.

The contest is filled with professional pictures.
taken with the nice cameras and such.

But we can't currently AFFORD a camera like that,
plus I'm not very talented in that area nor do I know anything about it!!

I still wanted to give it a try though!

The Paper Mama


A Life Being Lived said...

Oh yay!!! Your baby girl is here! Congratulations mama!!! I haven't been blogging for awhile but was so anxiously awaiting news! Congratulations she is a doll.

Rachelle said...

how the heck did i miss you had a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations andee! you are my favorite birthmom next to my own. i'm soo happy for you. so from this post i'm guessing you won't put many pictures of her on this blog so i will just eat this one up. congratulations!!!!

if you feel comfortable enough - will you message me your address. i would love to send you a baby gift. if not, no worries! i'm just thrilled for you!

love ya girlee! soo happy for you.