Sunday, August 9, 2009

My week

The past week and a half has been CRAZY!
This post is to wrap it all up:

Family Reunion at Lagoon:

Me and my Uncle Danny and Aunt lisa's baby Jace.
(I had just gotten off the cliffhanger in this picture, so I was EXTREMELY wet. Jace was very I was holding him to cool him off)

My cousin Buddy, Emilee and Me

The day after Lagoon, I went to the second day of FSA with Stefanie.
I met her there..
when we saw eachother..we realized that we were matching.

It was quite embarrassing, especially when random people would walk up to us and ask us if we matched on purpose.

Conner James:
I just had to put this picture on here. It was taken on Wednesday.
I am still babysitting this adorable little boy.
He just learned to crawl and he crawls EVERYWHERE!

In this picture he is trying to stand up and he sat there on one knee forever. It was so cute.

The Timpanogos Temple:
On Wednesday Keara, Chelsey and I went to the Temple.

We went to the Timpanogos one and it was BEAUTIFUL.
Probably one of my favorite.

Anyway, I was able to cross another goal off of My list because of this which was very exciting!! ;)

Josh and Kati's Wedding:
My good friend Josh and his wife Kati were married on Thursday.

It was a nice wedding and she looked beautiful!
I am SO happy for them!!

you may remember THIS post.
My best friend got married yesterday and the wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

I don't know what I was thinking but I didn't actually get a picture with her and her husband together, looking at the camera but I did get MANY exciting pictures.

The Beautiful Bride

The BEAUTIFUL reception.
This was done at a church..I have never seen such pretty decorations.

yes I did catch the bouquet!

Keara Terri and Me

This was the most diappointing part because...

She didn't stuff it in his face!!!!

It was a good week..but I have to say I could sleep forever now..I was SOO tired when I got home from the wedding, I slept for like..10 hours last night and I still feel like I could go longer.

Congrats to my two MARRIED friends!!
I love you guys

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StefanieJinelle said...

Yeah, I think your picture is better than mine. Except my elbow looks retarded! Ha. What the heck?
And you look SO pretty in those wedding pictures! For real! Weddings... GAH. I need to get married. Hahah... Well, not anytime soon. But sometime.