Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the final video

Thank you everyone for your comments on the video!!!

I have edited it a little more after getting different peoples opinons and here is the final one!

It's ALMOST the same, but I wrote a little more about my experience, and I shortened the video at the end..mostly.


Which means,
the more views it receives,
the higher my chances are of winning!!

So I just HAD to post the final one!!

Find more videos like this on Adoption Voices

Thanks again!! :)


Ashley Bennion said...

Love the video - I emailed it to some friends so they could watch and give you more votes :)

Rick & Liz said...

Andee that is so beautiful! I love how you put that together! Great job. I hope you win!!! :0)

Amanda said...

i like this video more than the other one.. just so you know.

it's a winner.

Rachelle said...

andee- wow. that's all i can say (mainly because i'm bawling AGAIN like a baby). absolutely beautiful.

thanks for sharing.

Jamie said...

I love it Andee! Good luck! Love you tons!!!