Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun Weekend

After a VERY busy week,
I had an EXTREMELY fun weekend!
On Friday Night,
I went up to Mandy's Cabin with a bunch of friends.

We had SO much fun.
We roasted Marshmallows and hot dogs, stayed up late and
Stargazed (which I can now cross off my list)!

6 of the 8 of us around the fire.

This is the best picture I have of Mandys Cabin.
(please ignore us on the deck...haha)
It is 100 years old! I never would have guessed.
it was so pretty!

The view on the drive up..

The View from the Cabin. Isn't it GORGEOUS!?

Saturday night.
We had a going away party for Keara and Chelsey.

They are leaving to China on Wednesday to teach kids English so we had another hotdog/marshmallow roasting party.
They also did a pudding slip n slide!

It was really fun even though I am so sad that after Wednesday I won't see Keara or Chelsey for 4 months!!
I'll miss them SO much!!


Michelle said...

Im jealous. Looks like a fantastic place.

mom said...

That's where you were! I wondered why I hadn't seen you in a while :)