Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adoption Voices

So is having a contest.
It's an adoption story video contest.
The winner gets $100.

I made this video for the contest and I need some opinions.

I was wondering if I should take out the last song or not?
or should I Just take out the video at the end?
or is it good as is?

Any other advice???

I WANNA WIN!! hehe

What do you think of it??



brittany michelle said...

i personally love the last song. I think the video at the end really hits home because you can see how happy she is and how much you love her and it's real life movie rather than still-pictures.
a lot of the pictures made me cry because i could see how much you love Avery and how much her parents love her, and i can see the pain and the love involved when you are giving a beautiful life with those wonderful people.
so i think the movie is great. and you know i admire you.

Cam, April, Carson, & Hannah said...

Found your blog through Simply Me.

LOVE the video. I could do nothing more than cry big hot tears. It is PERFECT!

brittany michelle said...

i want a copy of the song now that i know you sing it

Mrs. Black said...

Can I just say that was beautiful and you made me cry. I LOVED the music you put with it, and that you sang the last song. Super powerful. What songs did you use? I vote for you Andee!

Michelle said...

It is perfect!

StefanieJinelle said...

SO CUTE! I love, love, love, love the last song. I enjoyed the little video at the end. :) It makes me excited for little Olivia and to hear her laughing too and to see her happy. EEEEEEEEK.

Janelle said...

Hi! I found your blog through Stefanie's, and i've been reading it occasionally (hope that's ok!). After watching that video though, I just HAD to comment!! You seriously did SUCH a good job w/ it!! I actually cried when I watched it! I absolutely LOVED it!! Especially the last song - KEEP IT!! And I must say, as someone who is adopted, I really loved seeing pictures of both you and Avery's parents throughout the process. It helped me picture what it might have been like for my birthmother and parents at the time. Once again, LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Andee said...

Thanks Everyone!!

Mrs. Black,
I used all Michael McLean songs. I have an adoption CD that he made.

The first one is called "something perfect", the second is called "Hardest for me", and the last is called "From Gods arms to My arms to Yours" (I think you might have already known the last one though...)

Thanks for all the comments.
I like the end video..but I think I'm going to take it out since the only way I can put it on YouTube is if it's less than 10 minutes long... :( I just figured that out.

Nicole said...

I love your video - it made me teary eyed a few times. You're amazing for giving your little girl all that you couldn't. Love it.

AND, I don't know any Scott's that are birth moms.. or that work with birth moms, so I figured it was you. :)

Krystal said...

Hi, I found your blog through Kim and I just had to leave a comment on your video... so incredibly touching! It really is great... I love the version of "From God's Arms"... just beautiful! I have been reading your blog now and am so touched by your story, I'm just sitting here crying. You seem like such an amazing person!

Amanda said...

may i repeat my comment that i posted forever ago? WORSHIPED. :)

Ha ha.