Saturday, March 21, 2009


was a very special day.

A day that I was lucky enough to be a part of.
What was so special about this day?

Terri is now OFFICIALLY

Last week Terri's boyfriend (then) Dustin, told me that he was proposing and needed my help.

well DUH.
like I wasn't going to help him....
who WOULDN'T want to?

He told me the plan and I totally had fun secretly planning it.
I told Terri the next day that my roommate needed a couple to take pictures of for class and she
wanted to know if they would do it.

Terri agreed and obviously so did Dustin.

So we set up a day. It was today at noon.
sure enough, today my awesome roommate Mandy pretended to be a photographer (since my REAL photographer roommate ELICIA was busy).
she took some awesome pictures

this is only ONE of the many

during the pictures,
Dustin got down on his knee pretending to pose

he pulled the ring out of his sock.
Yes I said his sock

and proposed!
It worked out just perfectly
I'm so excited for them

I'm so excited to go dress shopping!

Here comes the bride man.
The most beautiful bride E V E R!!!
Another reason that today is such a SPECIAL day,
is because it's my awesome roomate MAREN's 22nd birthday

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