Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wisdom, paper, and a sore behind

So yesterday my roommate Megan had this brilliant idea that we should go to a spinning class instead of to the gym like normal.
I liked the idea because I've been on bikes before and loved it,
and it sounded pretty simple......

So we walked there,
I realized that I forgot a water bottle,
we sat on the bikes while the instructor introduced herself.

As I started pedaling I realized that my seat was extremely uncomfortable.
about 15 minutes into the class, I thought I was going to DIE.
My back side hurt SO bad that I could barely move.
By the end of the class...I thought I was dead.
I never thought riding a bike would be

1 - so hard,
2 - so painful!

why in the world would someone make a machine that you SIT on have such an uncomfortable seat!?

I swear I have like 10 bruises.
I'm definitely paying for it now.

Ever had a bruised butt??
try sitting down!

It's really a lot of fun.
So I woke up this morning to a phone call.
My mom signed me up with Gene Brown Research to get my wisdom teeth out.

they had a cancellation and wanted to know if I could come in on Tuesday.


But I get paid for it.
So that always WONDERFUL.

I have a paper due in 2 hours.
I should probably start working on it.


Andrea said...

I've never been to a spinning class, but I hear they are brutal. I have always thought they needed to make bigger seats for bikes. YAY for getting paid to get your wisdom teeth out. I hope it goes well and good luck with the paper. Love ya!

Jamie said...

I HATE spinning class! Everyone says if you continue to go your butt will get used to it...whatever! I sooo feel for you having to get your wisdom teeth out! I hope it all goes well!

Kim said...

LOVE spinning, keep it up, the bumm gets is the vajayjay that gets super sore...can I say that on your blog? Will you hate me for saying it? You know it is true and everyone should know before starting. Tee hee...anyway, try going to Walmart and getting one of those gelly seat covers that you can take to class with you. Totally bomb.