Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh the beauty...

Yesterday was quite an eventful day.

I didn't do much,
It involved


I went to a birth mom class.
That was pretty spiritual
was pretty uplifting.

After that, I went on a very much needed girls night out with Keara and Terri.
I love love love them.

We talked about Keltson
almost the entire time.
We laughed,
We cried,
We hugged,
We Shared memories.
& at the end, I realized how much I needed that.

I miss him.
SO much.

So it's good to talk about him.

I haven't in a while.

on a side note:
The restaurant we went to was Dennys.
I LOVE the waiter there (he is the guy in the second picture taking those peoples orders.)

For those of you that do not know this, Dennys has free hot chocolate refills.
we have made it a tradition to go there.
Usually it's at least me and Josh that go.


Today was the first time I have been without him.
the waiter definitely still remembered me!
He's the coolest waiter EVER
(sad that I don't know his name though).
He knows how much I absolutely LOVE whipped cream, so he brings us the ENTIRE CAN.
This is Josh, the first time we were given the entire can

This is me. The first time I experienced the entire can

The waiter pours our hot chocolate, and then gives us the can of whipped cream so that we can use as MUCH as we would like.

(Apparantly it's against the rules, so if you look in the second picture behind my arm, you will see that I'm hiding the whipped cream like he asked me to this time, since the manager was there. haha it's that tiny bit of red.)

I miss my friends from Riverton.
Life moves WAY too fast sometimes.

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