Thursday, March 19, 2009

The lucky oven mitt

So yesterday I almost burned our apartment down...twice.

The first time was during lunch.
I was making this cheddar broccoli macaroni pasta.
I was home all by myself,
and was watching a video on my computer,
while stirring the pasta.
That was when I heard the sound of a fire starting.
I looked down, just in time to see the flames underneath the pan.
I screamed...really loud,
turned off the stove,
took the pan off and started blowing on it.
(I never knew I would react that would think I would hit it with a towel or something)
Eventually it died down
Just in time for Mandy to walk in and see the smoke.
It was quite embarassing, but the food ended up turning out..
Mandy even ate some!
Then for dinner I decided I would try to make chicken cordon bleu.
I have never made it before,
and was quite nervous.
I was taking it out of the oven to see if it was done
when Megan walked in.

I concluded that the chicken was not yet done and put it back in the oven while saying to Megan "Dude, I don't know how long to cook this chicken. I'm totally guessing."
I closed the oven door and threw the oven mitt on the stove as Megan walked over to talk to me.
All of the sudden we both see smoke.
I look over to see that the oven mitt is smoking and catching on fire!
I had left the stove on when cooking the outside of the chicken and forgot to turn it off!
I grab the mitt,
and again,
blow on it.
Megan bursts into laughter, grabs the oven mitt, and puts it outside as I turn on the fan and open all the windows for the second time that day.

That night, I brought the oven mitt back inside.
This is what it looked like,
and what it will always look like.
Luckily the Chicken Cordon Bleu turned out...pretty well...
Fast Forward to now.
It's 4 in the morning and I'm up with Mandy and her Boyfriend Levi.
Levi is doing Mandys homework, and Mandy is laying on the floor talking to us.
We are talking about how stupid boys are..
funny that Levi is here...and AGREEING with us.

Sorry my posts are so random lately.
I just can't help sharing these completely crazy and embarassing stories.

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Kim said...

This is quite hilarious. Twice in one day? Love it...and love that your mitt will look like that eternally.