Sunday, March 29, 2009


It has come to my attention recently that I put off the wrong message last week in this post.

That post was not meant to worry people,
to make people think that I was super depressed,
or to say that I'm suicidal.

I am far from any of that.

That post was made mostly for myself.
It was to show that I have been thinking of only myself lately,
and when I do that,
it does not do good things.

I made that post to initiate that when I am only thinking of MYSELF,
I start feeling that way.
(like everyone)

It wasn't a post to tell everyone that I'm a depressed person that has nothing to live for anymore, because I definitely KNOW that is not true!

I'm super blessed.


like shown
(and many other posts)

there is nothing I should be feeling so depressed about.

I apologize to those of you that took it in that way,
I apologize for making everyone think that I am a depressed basket case.

I'm human.

I should be more careful with the way I say things next time,
I apologize for the misunderstanding.
To clarify one more time.
That post was supposed to say:

"I have been feeling super down all week,
I have come to the conclusion that it's because I have just been thinking of myself.
Maybe I should stop consuming all my thoughts towards what I want,
and go do some service or something."

again, I'm super sorry for the misunderstanding

Thank you all for being so worried about me though!!
It sure makes me feel super loved! :):)


The Mama said...

Good, I am glad it made you smile. Just so ya know, I have been your blog stalker for a while. I have my own issues with adoption and you are a VERY strong woman. I didn't think that your other blog sounded suicidal, just that you were aware of what was going on in your mind. You seem to be doing very well in everything. An honestly, I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU! (and I have no idea who you are PERSONALLY) I found your website through LDS since I have been researching the mormon religion.

Again, I am glad that made you smile. And have a good week Andee

Andrea said...

You're awesome!!

Kim said...

It is so amazing to come and read things that come straight from the heart. Thank you for doing that, we need to hear it, even on the hard days.