Monday, March 30, 2009

We've been robbed!

So today after class, I came home and was watching tv with my roomie Maren,

when all of the sudden we see this older man walk up to our door.
Confused, Maren walks up to answer it...
....seconds go by when Maren walks in with this man and says:

"Hey Andee, wanna help me take everything out of the drawers?"

well my first reaction was.. ""
but unfortunately I didn't have a choice.

The man then proceeds to walk into our kitchen and starts taking off all of our cupboards!!

Now, I didn't want to be rude or anything but...
I'm pretty sure I would like to be informed BEFORE some crazy old guy comes banging down our door and taking all of our cupboards and drawers! haha
So, I guess the old farm "staff" decided that they needed to "refurbish" all of the cupboards and drawers.

They sent everyone an email about it at the BEGINNING of the semester
(that of which I did not receive)
I was quite embarrassed because our house is not what you call "clean" right now.
(they took them from our bathrooms too)
So now,
Maren and I are trying to think of a story to tell the others when they come home..

we've thought of maybe saying we've been robbed,
we got in a fight and broke all of the cupboards and drawers,
just disappearing so they can come home and be confused until they find us,
and THEN make up a funny story.....


Please remember to send out your red envelopes for the

It's a matter of life or death.


fivewalkers said...

Oh seeing your pictures reminds me of bad memories of the pink house. We went without cupboard doors forever. It is kindof random he came in and started taking them off. But I guess if you didn't get the email you didn't know.

Mandy said...

hi andee

Kim said...

I kind of digg it, but my house would be too revealing at what is behind closed doors.