Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some of the coolest people.

This is my Roomate Mandy
Yes, Mandy I AM using this picture.

I know, this is a COMPLETELY Random post,
but she is pretty much really awesome.

I got L U C K Y with my roomates.
I went up to school all by myself, and met all of my roomates when I moved in.

They are AWESOME.
I sometimes don't think I will ever stop laughing when Mandy and I are together.
Mandy and Eric.
no. They're not dating.

I have decided though, that if by some miracle I ever DO get married.
I am going to get a picture like this for my announcement.

This is
Megan. she's not technically my roomate,
but she is at my apartment more than she is at her own,
so she pretty much is.

I DON'T stop laughing when she is around. her nickname is "laugh of my life" because I really don't stop. she is SO funny. seriously. You would LOVE her.

We also recently just learned that we are distantly marriage.
My awesome Aunt MaryJane's husbands, Megans dad.
Crazy right?

I'm only touching her leg in this picture,
because she hates it when people touch her leg. case you were wondering.

I would also like to take this moment to also thank my aunt

She ALSO had me babysit her crazily perfect kids on Friday night,

and paid me a ridiculously lot of money.
Why are people SOOOO aweosme??
I do not know.

Thanks Jimmy and Natalie!!
I love you!


Megan said...

that is so great,... except I KNOW you could have found better pictures of me.

Mandy said...

dude i opened this post thinking, i can't wait to post a comment about how this shoulda been about me.. then when i saw that picture i just almost peed my pants of laughter and shock... mostly shock. and then so i was laughing right? and i scrolled down to that picture of you touching megans leg.. and all i want to say is ROTFL! ha ha. AH ANDEE you are freaking unpredictable, no wonder so many people love your blog.

Mandy said...

p.s i'm confused as to why i'm wearing different shirts in the first few pictures. ha, i swear i've only tried to pull off that hair-do once. and alsooooo... those pictures of eric and i are.. i don't know. i just can't even remember why we took those. ha.

I AM LEVI said...

i think im going to touch megans leg next time i see her... when you least expect it megan. just cuz you make fun of me.

Megan said...

MANDY MANDY MANDY - did you see what levi said? haha.

Andee said...

haha. I miss you all.
except you Levi...cause Mandy won't let us be friends (tear)

fivewalkers said...

We are so happy that you could kid watch for us. Your the best!! Remember that we will be up there next week. So FIREHOUSE here we come. Love ya!