Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To my friends...

Friday is the last day of Spring Semester 2009 here at Utah State University.
Although I'm incredibely stressed about finals this
and am SO excited to be done with school for a few
I can't help but feel a little sad to leave my friends.
After I leave on Friday,
we will no longer ALL be roomates together.
So I decided to take a moment to thank all of my roomates for such an awesome semester.

I'm gonna miss living with you! I feel like we connected super well. I'll miss going grocery shopping together and making "split meals" between the two of us if we couldn't decide exactly what we wanted to eat that day. I'm going to miss your laugh, and most definitely playing jokes on you. Remember how you tried to play that joke on me with my mattress and then started freaking out about how I would react when I came home in a horrible mood that day? Remember how I didn't even NOTICE something was wrong with my matteress until we were sitting in my room on my bed for a good 10 minutes? Remember how you then felt so bad for doing it that you fixed it all by yourself? Thank you for always going out of your way too see how I'm doing almost everyday and Thank you for always being willing to just "talk" when I wanted to vent, or just to tell you an awesome story. I'm going to miss you waking me up every tuesday and thursday morning to make sure that I was going to class. I am ever so greatful that you generously got out of bed and drove me to class on the mornings I was running late and couldn't catch the bus in time. I love you Elicia!!
You are one of the NICESET people I know. I have never met someone that is so genuinely nice to everyone she comes in contact with. You get a long with all types of people and I admire you for that! You were definitely the peacemaker of the apartment and I will FOREVER appreciate that. Thank you for dealing with me as a roomate when I always went to bed way later than you. you SAY that I never woke you up...but I secretly think that I did and you were just trying to be nice like always. I am going to miss hearing you talking in your sleep every night. It gave me a good laugh everytime. One of the things I will always remember about you is the time Megan Bell and I found out that you paid for the persons drink behind you in a drive through because they honked at you and you thought "oh they must be having a bad day." Let me just say that I don't know ANYONE that would react that way. you really do love everyone and it doesn't matter if they are rude to you or not. I'm going to miss talking about the absolutely CRAZY things you learned in school, and more importantly the "random facts" you would always just say out of the blue. Thank you for being such a great example to me. You are the sweetest person I have ever met. I love you Maren!

You are an incredibely hard worker. I admire how dedicated you are at something. I really admire how you never just give up with anything and succeed 100% at everything you do. I remember calling you when I wanted to come check out the apartment because I had just found a place to live and you were so nice. From that moment I knew that I was going to have the best roomates ever. I'm going to miss the crazy and random dance parties we had together all of the time. I'm going to miss watching you dance to music everytime it came on. Know that that songs womanizer & love story will forever make me think of you whenever I hear them. Thank you for always letting me steal your envelopes, or use something of yours because like always I would forget to buy them! Thank you for always setting the example in the house. You really were the example of hard work and dedication. Thank you for always pushing me to go a little further at the gym and for always telling me how "good" I looked or for telling me that you think I'm losing weight. It meant more to me than I let on! You're awesome Megan and you will be an INCREDIBLE Elementary School teacher. I love you incredibely!!
You Rock my world! I'm going to miss goofing off with you all of the time. I love how you always talk about how you "hate facebook", yet are on it way more than you like to admit. I love how you worked at curves, but always casually talked about how much you hated it. I'm going to miss the nightmare stories you always had about the mean people there. I am going to miss how whenever I would come home, and walk into the kitchen with you there you would say "Andee! I'm so happy it's you!" or how whenever I would leave to go somewhere, you would say "Bye Andee, MISS YOU ALREADY" it always made my day and never failed to make me smile. Your personality has seriously rubbed of on me. I find myself talking just like you, and then laughing after I do it. (it's really only because I've always wanted to be a punk rock princess like you) Thank you for making this semester an adventure for me. I will never forget that night that we went to the illusionist. You were so upset and to this day whenever you see or hear about "Mike Super" you talk about how much you hate him because you didn't know how he did the things he did. I love you Mandy and I MISS YOU ALREADY!
and although she isn't technically our roomate, I consider her one..

Megan Bell (This is the only picture I dared put up because you hate every picture of you.)

I don't know how I lived life without you before. I seriously have never met someone that has made me laugh to the point of tears every day without fail! Thank you for always joking around and making the mood 'light' when it was quite intense in the apartment. Thank you for always making me feel really cool about my car whenever you got in it (it's like it was your first time ever seeing a VW jetta everytime you saw it). I'm going to miss hearing your jokes every day. Within the first few weeks that I met you I started calling you the "laugh of my life" because it's true! I'm going to miss laughing that hard every day. I'm going to miss watching American Idol with you and hearing you laugh when someone would say something stupid. I love how whenever you would leave the apartment (even for 5 minutes) you would go stand by the door, turn around and say, "well, it was nice meeting you all" like it was the first time we had ever met each other in our lives. I love how you always laugh at my jokes. It made me feel super loved when without fail, I would say something, and you would crack up hysterically (while criticizing me at the same time but that's beside the point). I don't know what I'm going to do without you making me laugh every day this summer. Until Next semester Megan, "It was nice meeting you!"

and just a few more memories:
Megan Kings Birthday
All nighters. (those of which I never survived and ended up going to sleep every time)

True Aggie night! (right before we left)

I love you all! thanks for such a great semester!!!


melynda said...

of course i dont mind you found my blog. i love to catch up with old friends! i am glad to see you are doing so well, tell you family hello.

i loved reading your adoption story, it made me cry. you will make a great mom when the time is right.

Rachelle said...

ahhh... so sweet! some of my very best friends were my friends from college. you just can't help but bond with people when you are digging in the couch cushions for quarters for laundry and sharing stresses over a box of mac & cheese...LOL!

Megan said...

Is probably the most incredible person that i have ever met in my life. every time i sit and talk with her i walk away thinking how blessed i am to be able to live with someone as amazing as her. I wish i was as strong of a person as she is! her strength is very inspirational to me. she has been through so much, and still pushed through. she is an AMAZING person! I respect her more than i can ever say. I absolutely loved the way that Andee would put me in my place, if i did something wrong she would tell me, and it was wonderful. she says what she feels and i wish that i could be more like that. she never let things fester, if she had a problem with me, she would tell me and we would work it out. i love her dearly, and i don't think i let her know that enough. she will forever be an inspiration to me as to what a strong woman is supposed to be like! I love you so much!!!!