Friday, April 10, 2009

Seven Pounds

This is a good movie.
I have mixed emotions about it though.

It has a good message to it I think.

can I just say,
I could have gotten by without seeing this scene.

I bawled like a baby when I watched this part.

I LOVED the movie,
but I don't think I will watch it again all because of this one scene

I can't handle it.

I seriously think it was too much for me.
I saw this movie last week,
I have not been able to get it out of my head since then.

My roomates watched it yesterday,
I couldn't watch it.
even LISTENING to it caused tears to stream down my face.

I know it's just a movie, but can you blame me?
It's still hard not to want to just jump through that screen,
take that headset off of him and just give him a huge hug,
while telling him what an amazing guy he is.

does anyone else agree with me here??
(wow, I sound like such a baby...but I'm really not..I


Mandy said...

i can't even HEAR THAT PART i had to put on my headphones or, i two, would have cried like a baby.

Ashley said...

that movie is sooo good! I love Will Smith!

The Mama said...

Oh... I can't wait to see the movie. I have been PATIENTLY waiting for it to come out on PPV cause I get it for free.. I know the concept and CANT WAIT!

Mae AJ and Conner said...

I really want to see this Movie. So many people have told me I have to see it. Cant wait..