Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jamba time.

So to celebrate this FANTASTIC weather we have had the past couple of days, my roomie Elicia and I have done EVERYTHING we possibly can to take advantage of it.

on Monday,
Unfortunately we had to enjoy it ourselves because both of us had opposite schedules that day.

I sat out the porch and wrote the three wonderful missionary friends I have that are currently on missions. I did get quite an awesome tan in the process. I am sad to say that because of my classes, that was the only time I got to enjoy it that day.

On Tuesday,
Elicia and I sat out in front of the Library on campus soaking up the sun in between classes.
It was awesome, and we both got a pretty good tan.

On Wednesday,
we had BOTH planned on sitting on campus at the quad and getting a tan but it didn't really work out that way....stupid schedules!!

But I did sit out there with my writing class for the whole class period. we all wrote poems and were sharing them with the class while basking in the sun.

(can I just say that it would have been an extremely more enjoyable experience if, a SPIDER hadn't ruined it! It crawled on my leg and then when I flicked it off, it kept crawling back to me! I was like scooting further and further away until this kid Alex that I was sitting next to grabbed it and smooshed it with his hand. (haha gross!!) but I was very grateful for him..)

Anyway, after all of my classes I had an appointment with my class advisor. I was PLANNING on meeting Elicia back at the quad afterwards. She had gone and purchased some DELICIOUS Jamba Juice that we could enjoy as well. Unfortunately, my appointment went way longer than planned. So by the time I got out, Elicia had to go to her next class!!

we did have time to take a couple of pictures while I walked her to class...haha

haha. attractive...

so everytime I walk past this beautiful "work of art" I wonder what the heck it's supposed to be...

So, Elicia and I came to the conclusion they were fries.
(please disregard my fat in this picture. you would think the baby fat would be gone by now...but it most definitely is NOT..I AM working on it though..hence

I think so...


dangerous dan said...

Yeah, i agree. Those are definitely fries

Rachelle said...

hi andee! thanks so much for leaving a message on my blog. you have been on my mind ever since i found yours! i added you to my friend list so i can keep peeking in on you, hope that's ok! :) i was going to go with french fries on that last picture too..LOL! well, good on you for getting a tan... i need one BADLY! have a great day! i love that you are taking a writing class! that would be so dream. u r adorable!

Ashley said...

haha I thought they were fries too! ANd I absolutely LOVE JAMBA! Jealous! :)

MJ said...

I totally though fries the first time I saw this pic.