Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Megan Bell

This is Megan Bell (along with all of her incredible art work behind her)
You've heard me speak of Megan before right?

I'm hear to do it again.
(partly because Megan begged me for like 20 minutes to dedicate a post to her..and partly because I just love her. She completes my life. :D)

Anyone that knows Megan LOVES her.

I have never met someone that can change my mood from being grumpy and sad to happy and laughing within seconds.

I don't know what it is about Megan..

I'm pretty sure it's the way she says things.
but she is the FUNNIEST person I know.
Her sense of humor is HILARIOUS.
I'm not kidding.

I am laughing right now just thinking about how incredibely funny she is.
like I said before, she is the laugh of my life. haha. seriously.

I was thinking a while ago about how I moved away for school way too soon after placing Avery.. but I really don't regret it. Although I didn't get the BEST GRADES in the world, the people I met helped me cope with it all.

On the hard days while I was in Logan (and believe me..I had plenty), Megan would walk in, crack a joke, and I would completely forget the way I felt for the time being.

Megan is awesome.
I just wish that all of you knew her..because if you did, your lives would be oh so entertaining.
It's hard to understand how completely awesome this post is...unless you know Megan!
So read her blog!
this will give you at least a glimpse into Megan Bells complete awesomeness.


Little Mini said...

Hey Andee-

I love your blog, touches my heart and I really enjoy reading it. You should really write a book I think you would be a great writer. I am adding you to my friend list hope that is OK.


mom said...

cute! I am so glad you have such great friends in your life. You deserve it.

Jalene said...

i don't know who you are. but my sister becca carver said on her blog to look at yours. i know megan belle. we used to be great friends. my sister dated her brother i think in high school! megan and i used to hang out in high school!!!!