Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Back.

I keep thinking, “I can blog again. I should do it. Things are getting better.”

Then, when I sit at my computer, nothing comes to my mind. Everything that I had planned/thought of saying completely leaves my brain

So here I go. I am going to attempt to post again. I know it has only been a week and a half, But I definitely thought it would take a lot longer too….'work things out' than it did.

So after a VERY short break, I’m back. With that being said, I would like to warn you

This will be a long post!!

Our Lives are a lot like trees. Here is why:
"The tree loses its leaves every autumn, but still it grows proud and strong, readying itself for the spring that is sure to come. The tree can't see. First it loses its leaves. Then it gets colder and colder and colder as winter settles in. many times, there are storms that bend the tree. You will see the tree bent over, but that doesn't mean the tree is sorry for itself. It means the tree cannot stand upright at the moment. You will find that some of the strongest trees are twisted not because they are wild, but because they have corrected their paths, the paths set by the storms. the trees are never entirely certain that spring will come, but they live according to the pattern which has been established, and they grow toward the sun, because that's all they can do. "

--Said so amazingly by one of my very best friends, Brittany

The past few weeks have been rough.
That quote is probably te most detail I will get, But things are finally starting to calm down.
Let's hope they stay that way.

Anyway, Although it has only been a week and a half.. Many things have happened. I would like to bring a couple of them to attention:

I would like to congratulate to Rachelle and her Husband. They just adopted the most ADORABLE little girl!! She is so precious and I couldn't be happier for them. They deserve this and so much more!

Stefanie just gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL little girl. Olivia was born on Wednesday September 23rd at 9:36 pm. Please keep Stefanie in your prayers. Placement is NOT easy. My heart aches for her just thinking about it.

3: - Race honors Riverton student Shared via AddThis

Keltsons run was on Saturday. Almost 350 people showed up! that is AMAZING! It was a great turnout and his family is so grateful for all that came and showed their support.

Conner met Avery on Thursday.
He was SUPER shy at first, but warmed up really fast and they loved each other!

I hadn't seen Avery since my birthday. It was a VERY nice and MUCH needed visit.
She will be one in about a month.

Hard to believe.

and finally, I am so sad to announce that I had to quite watching Conner. Things have been crazy lately and I had to settle with last resort.

It was really sad. :( I miss the boy and am so sad that I can't continue to tend him!
I hope the new babysitter enjoys every minute with him! He is Such a cutie!

Okay so this post wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be...but I'm still looking for the correct words. SoI guess now would be a good time to say..



Mandy Jo said...

Yay!! Your back!!:) Stefanie is in my prayers I was wonderinf i she had her last night! Your lil girl is so beautiful and your such an awesome women! ::)

Ashley Bennion said...

I am glad you are back. I have missed you - I know we don't see each other a lot but the blog helps me to feel like I see you - Love you and hope all keeps going well. Wish we could have made it to Keltson's run - maybe next year - Love ya - Ash

Andrea said...

So glad you're back and that things are working out. It was great to see you. Let us know if you need anything.

Rachelle said...

yay!!!! i was so happy to see a post from you! you are back and i'm so happy! thanks for the sweet congrats on your blog. we are so thrilled. we sure love birthmoms like you. you are an amazing girl andee - i hope you always know that and how much you have touched soo many lives through your blog. we love you down here in orem!!! come visit whenever! xoxo

Que and Brittany are adopting a baby boy! said...

Glad you're back! I saw on Facebook that Stefanie was in the hospital. I'm praying for her too.

Queen Mama said...

Happy that you are back. Heart is hurting for Stefanie and I am praying for her as well.

Yay Avery will be one soon!

emily said...

If you ever need ideas for blogging just let me know. I have plenty. They may not be exactly appropriate but I am sure they will amuse you!