Wednesday, September 9, 2009


OOKay here is the deal.
remember how I entered a video in a contest on adoption voices??

I made it to the top ten and then I received an email explaining that the songs were a copyright violation and that I had to change those songs.

I didn't know WHAT songs WEREN'T a copyright violation so I had to just take out the music all together.

I know,
pathetic right??
The video is now VERY pathetic, but I am still in the top ten.

Whoever receives the most comments on their video wins.

So here is where YOU come in.
I would LOOOVEE if you commented on my video.

You can find the real video (with the music) at the bottom of my blog (just scroll down!)
you can see the contest video by going HERE
and I would ADORE comments!!
PLEASE!?!? :)
(you think doing this is a violation??..I hope not! haha)

The winner gets $100... :):)


Rick & Liz said...

I was totally coming over her to tell you congrats for making the top 10! I just got the email explaining it all :)

So cool! I will do my best to help you out miss Andee! :)

Mandy Jo said...

Consider it done girly:)

Lechelle said...

Cognrats on making the top 10!

Is it a rule violation if we leave multiple comments?

Just e-mailed you a song Kelly wrote that you can use if you find it fits. It might not, because it was written for his sister's closed adoption where a few letters and pictures were all that were exchanged, and you have so much more with Avery.

Garrison and Jessica said...

I did! Great job!!

Karilyn said...

they make you register as a member of the site in order to leave a comment there, did you know?

So.... I registered. *smiles*

My youngest sister and her husband just had the adoption go through for their baby daughter. They've been married for over five years, haven't been able to get pregnant, so this Little Bundle of Joy has added and nearly completed their happy life together~ I know they couldn't love her more if she had been biologically theirs - it would be an impossibility.

So.... comment here, comment there, I think you are an amazing young woman, and I know the Lord will truly bless you on your rough days and speed you through the joyous ones (as they go zippin' by!) -

Thank you for sharing such a chunk of your life with others (I mean your blog here),

Kari (aka 1 of Brittany's Aunts)

p.s. When I was just a couple years older than you, I had the paperwork all filled out to be a Surrogate Mother for a couple who was unable to have their own child. I'd gone to several different 'classes' to do so, had met their qualifications in order to be one, but my then-husband threw an absolute FIT and tore the papers to shreds. He would not allow me to do what you've done, be such a blessing in someone else's life, but I know God blessed them through someone else since I was unable to.

*shrug* Be very careful who you finally marry, Andee, it is such a crucial choice for the children you will have in your life in the future.

My ten cents' worth.. which I was given by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, but... I didn't listen very well, so I hope it can help someone else.

Happy Friday to you,