Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Priesthood.

Me and My Dad Christmas of '07

Warning -- this post may be a little TMI for some people...

Throughout my life I have been a Daddy's Girl.
when I am sick, I want my mom.
There is just something soothing about her voice and her hugs to comfort me.

Last night however,
was different.

I have had 'painful periods' my entire life.
without fail, the first night of my period, you would most definitely find me rolling around on the ground in complete pain. My mom would be right beside me stroking my hair and doing everything she could do to make me feel better.

After I had Avery though,
It seemed that I no longer had to deal with the pain.
I wasn't having cramps at all.
I was SO grateful for that every time.

that didn't last.
I guess even good things have to come to an end to right?

Last Night, for the first time since before I had Avery, I experienced the worst cramps.
they woke me up at about 4 am.

For me,
Ib profin ALWAYS does the trick.
so I got up,
took four of those,
then went back to bed.
They didn't leave.
in fact, they became worse.

Next step, was to take a hot bath.
you know how heat always helps right?
that did nothing. I was STILL in so much pain.

So I got out,
crept into my little sisters room to find the hot pad I knew she had used last.
I tried to use that.
it didn't work either.

I was on the verge of tears.
It was now 5:00 am and I was in more pain than before.

Usually at this point, I would be calling for my mom. She always knows how to soothe my pain. But something told me to do differently.

I grabbed my phone and called my dad.
When he answered I asked him if I could receive a blessing.

He was downstairs in about 30 seconds.

My mom came as well, since I think my phone call woke her up too (oops! )
He gave me a beautiful blessing.
I thanked him and laid down as they went back to bed

Within in MINUTES,
I was asleep.
My cramps had subsided.
I knew that would help.
I don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier.

Especially since,
That happened a few years ago as well.
I was about 17 and I was rolling around on the ground in pain, except my mom was there. I had gone to her for comfort. Within 30 minutes of nothing helping, she asked my dad to give me a blessing.

I was in the family room this time.
and when he finished the blessing, I just laid down on the couch and fell right to sleep.

The priesthood has blessed me so much throughout my life and continues to still do so.
I'm so grateful to have a Father that can hold the priesthood.
I'm so grateful to have a Father that will drop anything anytime, anywhere, just to give me a blessing when I'm in need.

My dad gave me a blessing in the hospital right before I signed relinquishment papers,
he gave me blessings of comfort throughout my pregnancy,
he gave me a blessing of comfort after my best friend died and I didn't think I could handle anything anymore.

Thank you Dad.
I love you.


Mae AJ and Conner said...

The power of the Priesthood is amazing and I don't know what I would do without it. We need to get together. I miss you.

The Brady Bunch said...

What an amazing story...thank you so much for sharing. The priesthood is an amazing thing of healing and comfort. Isn't is so great to have such wonderful men in our lives that hold and honor it??? I hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post Andee. I found your blog through Mrs. R's blog and I love coming to yours from time to time. I loved your story of Avery and we are blessed to have a relationship as loving as yours with our daughters birth mom. You are right, the priesthood is amazing and I'm so grateful for a father and husband who are able and willing when I need them as well. Hope you feel better soon. Trust me I know the feeling!! :) Have a good one and keep the stories coming.

sara said...

I too found you through Mrs. R's blog and just had to leave a comment. I've been in tears reading your blog. We adopted a baby girl 7 weeks ago and have an awesome relationship with her birthmom, and I love knowing that you do as well. Adoption is amazing. This story also really touched me because I have been plagued by cramps (tmi?) for years, and the sting is always a little bit worse since I am unable to have children. Thank you for your reminder of the power of the Priesthood. You're awesome!