Thursday, May 28, 2009


So two weeks ago my friend Mae called me.
She knew that I was currently unemployed (which should be changing soon..hopefully),
and she needed help.

Since her husband Aj got a new job and they now work at the same time,
she needed someone to watch her adorable baby boy, Conner.

He was Born October 13th, 2008.
He is two weeks older than Avery.

I was totally stoked to do it and I have been watching him for two weeks now.
he is the CUTEST little boy ever huh?

he is SUCH a good baby.
he seriously doesn't cry unless he's tired
and sometimes hungry.

he is ADORABLE!!

one thing that I absolutely LOVE to watch,
is when my dog gets in Conners view.

He is the only baby I have seen that doesn't absolutely freak out when he sees my dog.
he laughs.
he LOVES him.

It's do adorable to watch.

he stopped smiling everytime I snapped a picture,
so this was the best one I got.

he's yummy.
I just want to eat him up.

My hope is that I get a job where I still get to watch him because he is SOO much fun.
The job I'm hoping for, would make it that way.



Rachelle said...

fingers crossed for you! love the post, love the baby, love the dog, love the pic!

Mae AJ and Conner said...

:) what a cute post. I love it. Yeah I will have to admit.. He IS the cutest baby ever... and I am so glad he has an Amazing 2nd mommy while I am away:)
Love you Andee and thanks for everything.