Tuesday, May 19, 2009

any ideas??



I would just LOOOVVVEE
to get back to my pre-Avery weight...

I know I know
THIS doesn't help...I'm doing better though.. ;)


Rachelle said...

girl, i'm totally right there too! today my goal is to try to eat more natural/organic as much as possible, and try to avoid processed foods. that's all i got...haha! have a good day!

Jessica K. said...

Hey! I justed hopped over from the r house! I have been here before!! I just listened to the video with you singing from gods arms, to my arms, to yours! I cried the whole time! You have such a beautiful voice!

OK to the diet! I have never been on one but a friend started one and she is loosing weight while sleeping. Sounds great and it works! All you do is eat bread for breakfast with sweet stuff on top. No cheese or ham or whatever! And no milk, only juice for breakfast! You have to wait at least 5 hours between meals! For lunch you eat a lot of carbohydrate, potatoes and stuff like that(you can also drink a cup of milk for lunch) YOu are also allowed a desser after lunch! And then for dinner only protein. Meat, salads and fish! And then you really loose weight!
It's working great for her, so you might wan to try!! :)

Good luck!!

Becca said...

take it one day at a time...make goals each day and if you miss your goal then start again the next day with a easier goal then build back up to a harder goal for yourself...(ie exercise 30 min every day..or 3x a week...drink 8glasses of water...no sweets all week or only every other day)goals just depend on your lifestyle and weaknesses..if you try going hardcore 'cold turkey' on yourself it is easier to become discouraged and splurge again..so give yourself praises for the little daily accomplishments !! :)

Mae AJ and Conner said...

Haha.. yeah I feel your pain. we should Swim laps in your pool:)
Love ya girl and thanks for taking care of my babe... :)

DAN, LISSA, & CAM said...

I am right there with you, I'm trying to muster up the strength to diet!

I am about to use my body bugg again which lets me know how many calories I burn throughout the day. That way, I make a goal of how many to burn and how many to eat(which means you have to calorie count). It worked for me last time, I lost 70lbs.

I was still able to eat the same things I always enjoyed, it just made me aware of how much I was eating vs burning.

Our Happy Family said...

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Kim said...

I never, I mean NEVER thought I would EVER be able to run...I can run...anyone can, I would suggest that. The time I spend running is ME time, I can focus and think about all that needs reshifting in my life, and I get to listen to my iPod...AND lose weight. THE best ever!