Monday, May 4, 2009

My Opa

This Week
my aunt MaryJane has asked me to take care of my granparents while she is on vacation, because they live with her and she is usually there to help them if they need anything. So I'm with them until Thursday.

They are Dutch, so we call them Oma and Opa (which is Grandma and Grandpa in Dutch)

they slept over Saturday night to Sunday since I had such a busy day on Saturday and while they were there, my Dad and Opa were talking on Sunday about how long my Opa's hair is. During the conversation, my brother-in-law Blake offered to shave his head for him.

My Opa agreed and they decided to do it right then.
the shaving his head turned into giving him a whole makeover with the razor...

I got it on video and decided to post it because they are so funny.
This might be one of those things where you have to know him to get how funny this video is..but I couldn't help posting it anyway!

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fivewalkers said...

Okay OPA is hilarious! I think he is very pleased about all of the attention. LOL!!