Wednesday, December 29, 2010

18 week Dr Appointment and the Best husband ever

I had my 18 week appointment yesterday
and I have my 20 week Ultrasound next week
(I'll be almost 20 weeks by then)

Everything looked good and good news,
my heartburn has lessened quite a bit within the last month!!
It was pretty bad,
but now it's pretty bearable.

Kali was hiding from the Dr when he tried to find her heartbeat.
It took a bit to find it and I'm not gonna lie,
I panicked just a bit when that happened.

But that's pretty normal. Especially for me.
I seriously worry about EVERYTHING.
It really is such a miracle that my little girl is growing in my belly...
it doesn't feel possible so I constantly worry that something is going to happen to her!
(It's apparant that it doesn't get better with each pregnancy. haha)

things went well with that.

when I got home, I began feeling incredibely sick.
My little brother just tested positive for strep throat...
so I'm thinking it could be that.

I have a sore throat and everything,
but I also have a headache,
and extreme congestion.

I'm sure the Nausea is pregnancy related,
and I've had headaches before,
 but NOT like this!!

the point is I was feeling sick
(and it's only gotten worse today)

I got home around 4:30,
and Tyson got home at about 5:30.

When he got home,
he seriously waited on me more than ever.
Not only had he been working hard at work all day,
but then he comes home,

makes me a grilled cheese sandwich and soup
tickles my back,
gives my Tylenol,
prepares a bath for me
and makes sure I have everything I need.

when I remember that I made plans with Keara to play games with her and some other friends,
he drops what he's doing to relax,
and says we should go.

he tells me I look beautiful,
(When I have wet hair flailing everywhere, no make up on and I'm in ugly pj's
It's obvious that's not the case! haha)
He tells me not to change,
and we go play games until we decide we need to go home to go to bed so we won't be tired for work.

THAT was only yesterday.

he worked way late,
in the freezing cold, on the roof of a store, in a blizzard.

He calls me when he's driving home and knows i'm sick so he picks up some dinner,
brings it to me in bed
makes sure I have everything.
Just like he did yesterday.

I absolutely LOVE him.
I definitely don't deserve someone so incredible.

He's gonna be an incredible Dad.
I love you Tyson!

I'll post another pregnancy picture next time :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Just in time

I'm back!

Turns out,
the WiFi on my computer decided to break.

Fixing it was cheaper than we thought though.
It just took a bit to figure that out!

and we did.
Just in time for Christmas :)

Not much has been going on with the pregnancy.
Everything it pretty much the same.
Our next Dr Appointment is next week.

For now,
we are going to enjoy the Holidays this weekend!
I'll update more afterwards.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So my goal has been to get better at blogging.
I've been HORRIBLE at posting since I got married.

my computer decided it didn't want to connect to the internet as of two days ago.

I am going to have to postpone blogging at least two or three times a week even MORE 
until we miraculously figure out how get a new computer. 

as a word of advice,
don't EVER get HP,
or even more don't ever get a Windows Vista.

I called them yesterday to see if they could help me figure out the problem.
They said in order to help,
they were going to charge me $170.

That's customer service!?!? 

haha. So yeah.
Enjoy the Holidays everyone! 
Hope I can update sooner than later!

This will be our only Christmas with just the two of us in the family :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's a...

15 weeks.
I really don't look forward to what I'm going to look like at 40 weeks!!

We found out what we are having today!

According to the poll on this blog,
the # of votes for a boy won with flying colors!

72% voted BOY!
27% voted GIRL!

I myself predicted boy as well.

We got to Fetal Foto's a 6:30
and when they brought us into the room,
I felt like I was going to throw up.

I was SO nervous and SO excited all at once.
Tyson and I had gone out to get Mexican food right before.
I hoped that eating spicy food would make sure the baby wasn't shy enough to hide their Gender!

Not sure if that was the reason or not,
but once she put the Ultrasound recorder on my Belly,
the first thing the baby showed us was its cute little booty.

Something about seeing our baby for the first time,
on the screen,
caused me to want to cry of amazement.

The Ultrasound tech moved the camera around just a bit and there it was.
The result of our babys Gender.

We are having a.....


When this result was made known to me,
I immediately started bawling.
I couldn't BELIEVE IT!
I still am having a hard time coming to terms with it.

We are having a girl!!
I was SO convinced that it was a boy.

She was up on that screen posing for a few minutes,
but kept turning her body so we could only see the back of her.
She started getting a little shy :)

We already had her name picked out.
Our little girl is going to be

Kalista Jean.
We'll call her Kali for short.

 Kali Jean

I can't even begin to express my excitement.
Tyson can't stop smiling and we are just the happiest people on the planet right now.

After seeing our sweet baby,
we are actually realizing that we are
I'm already so in love with her and can't wait to cuddle her!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

When the time is right...

I have a really good friend.
We met through blogging.
I feel like we've become pretty good friends
especially since we both got married about a month apart.

I'm sure most of you know her or at least her blog.
I've mentioned it before.

Yesterday she made a post that really affected me.
Please read it before continuing to read this.

I can honestly say I never experienced this desire so strongly.
after Avery was born,
I couldn't wait for the day that I could get married and have Children.

But I think after I got my job at the hospital,
that feeling was greatly 'watered down'.
It was still there, just not as strongly.

I think mostly because when I felt like I wanted a baby,
I would just go cuddle one of the babies in the nursery and get my fix for the day.
(I hope that doesn't sound wrong or offensive. I don't know how to explain it any other way. I pretty much just needed to at least cuddle a tiny body in my arms, feed them or change their diaper. After that the intense urge/pain simmered) 

This wasn't because I remembered how hard it would be, but because I was able to do just a small amount of what a mother does. Which is what I so badly wanted/want to be.

I did feel this pain to a degree, but I never experienced being married and wanting a baby SO BADLY, but knowing it wasn't the right time.

I haven't told very many people what I'm about to say.
I have told very very few,
but after Stefanie's post, I've decided that I want to share it.

This is why I KNOW that even though it has happened very quickly,
I know that this baby is supposed to come right now.
I KNOW that this pregnancy was no "accident".

A couple of weeks after getting married,
Tyson and I went to the temple.

We went because we wanted to specifically pray about a concern of ours.
We weren't sure what to do as far as housing and most importantly,
his job. I'll leave it at that. It was just something we were stressing about immensely.

While sitting in Celestial room,
we both started praying, pondering and asking about this issue we had.

About five minutes later,
I just couldn't figure out why, no matter what,
I could only think about one thing.

Starting a family.

I thought that maybe, it was just because it's me
(and everyone knows how I feel about wanting to be a mother.)

I leaned over to Tyson and whispered
"What do you think?"

After sitting there for a few seconds,
her turned to me and whispered
"I don't think we should wait until we're 'ready' to have kids."

keep in mind,
that this was the FARTHEST thing from our minds when we entered the Temple.

I was suprised by his answer because it was EXACTLY what was going through my mind.

On the drive home,
our conversation consisted of one thing
Starting a family.

My concern kept turning to what other people would think.
Yes, I know. That shouldn't matter.
But I worried that we would be seen as irresponsible,
or that people would think I talked Tyson into it because I wanted to "replace" Avery.

It sounds ridiculous,
but sure enough, some have already said this to me.

When I would say this to Tyson, he would say what is so obvious
"who cares?"

He was right.
It's our decision. WE are the only two people that can receive an answer for our family.

When we were almost home,
we decided that yes,
we shouldn't stress so much about birth control or anything.

Two weeks later,
I found out I was pregnant.

I STRONGLY believe that the Lord was preparing us for this moment.
He was telling us that our family needed to start.
This child needs to come now.

I know that because of that experience in the Temple,
I was prepared to see the positive pregnancy test.

That experience helped me to know that we will be able to provide for this baby now.
It helped calm my nerves.

That doesn't mean that I never stress, it just means that I know the Lord will provide a way for us to have what we need to raise this baby.

although I know that you're aching so immensely to have a baby,
just know that the Lord will tell you when the time is right.

and when the time finally IS,
you will be so happy you waited until you were an eternal family.
I just know it.
and I cannot wait for that day to come for you.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

14 Weeks

I'm hoping it's just my computer because it has a wide screen...but I AM aware that my belly looks way to big for only being 14 weeks.
or maybe it's the shirt.

I'll keep making excuses to feel better.

I had my Dr Appointment today.
I gained 1 pound!!
(haha yeah I was suprised it was only that much as well)

My feeling that this baby is incredibly active
was most likely presumed correct.

When the Dr was getting ready to listen to the heartbeat,
I told him that I've already been feeling the baby kick.
Just little flutters every now and then.

The Dr seemed suprised,
and I could tell he was thinking "that's just gas"

But after setting the doppler on my belly,
the baby started kicking the thing like crazy.
I think he believed me after that.

Since I work there,
I listen to the heartbeat when I'm working.
and the last few times I've tried to hear it,
the baby would kick the doppler and move.

So I wouldn't be able to listen to it for very long cause the baby would move out of the way.

I've decided,
whatever the gender
(even though I'm pretty set on what I think it's going ot be)
This baby is going to have Tysons characteristics as far as energy goes.
If any of you know him,
you'd know exactly what I'm talking about!!

Things are going well.
I love seeing Tysons face when he hears the heartbeat.

8 more days until we find out...