Sunday, February 14, 2010


10 Reasons why it's better to be single on Valentines Day

1. The invitations you receive are because they like you not your significant other
2. Your spare time is your spare time. You never have to share it with anyone else.
3. You save money.
4. There's no need to dress up. You can sit around in your sweats all day and enjoy the comfort
5. Plans are constantly in Flux
6. You get one on one time with Ben and Jerry
7. You won't receive roses that will only die in a couple of days
8. You can have more than one Valentine ;)
9. No emotions are involved. You will always know how you feel.
10. You can laugh at all of the cheesy, puke inducing things people say!



birthMOM said...

number 8 is by far the best reason!! lol

DanyaLynd said...

Hahahaha number 10 was my fave!!!