Sunday, February 28, 2010


I was reading Stefanie's blog and she has this thing.
I thought it was weird, but after I clicked on it I thought it was a pretty good idea!

So I signed up.
You can ask me anything you want.
I won't know who you are, and I will be completely honest.

Just Click HERE
Ready, GO!


Krista Eger said...

Ok I hate to leave comments that aren't questions on the formspring thing so I'll just leave it here. I think we've talked about this before, but in my experience over nearly four years, younger moms keep the baby and older moms tend to place. I think that was one of the first things I said to you when I met you too is that it's always the smart mature women that place. I think right around 18 or 19 there is a shift in the way that young women think and they're able to imagine the future. I just learned about it again in my human development class. You're more able to think abstractly and imagine the future unlike you're able to when you are an adolescent where everything is here and now.

Oh and the other thing that I thought was funny was how you said was that you don't want Avery to make bad decisions like you did.....uh yeah you OBVIOUSLY know how to make GREAT decisions! ONE freaking mistake does not mean you are a bad decision maker. So what you can do is teach Avery that you can get pregnant from having sex one time! :D

Rachelle said...

well that explains why you are gorgeous! beautiful family my friend! love peeking in at you! hope you are doing well. hugs to one of my very favorite birthmoms on the planet!