Friday, February 19, 2010


If you didn't notice,
I've changed my blog layout again.

I don't really like any of them
and if I was creative..and smart enough,
I would make my blog unique.

since I have absolutely no idea how to do that...
I just changed the layout again.

Anyone want to show me how to give my blog 'Uniqueness'??
(yes I'm aware that uniqueness may or may not be a word...)


brittany michelle said...

uniqueness is a word. uniquity isn't though. :)

Krista Eger said...

Mine's not that unique, I just make my own backgrounds. I have a blog with all of them. They're not quite as cool as some of the ones on the websites, but at least I know no one else has them. You can see them if you go to my blog and look at the side bar it's the thing on the very top labeled "My Backgrounds"
I can make one for you if you want, you just have to tell me what you want it to look like.

Anonymous said...

Check out

They have awesome tutorials for how to change your blog fonts and make your own backgrounds and stuff. I have them bookmarked, but haven't gotten around to trying out anything yet.

Love you blog!

Andrea said...

Are you in my head?? I have been wondering the same thing about my blog. I think about it and try new things everyday. You would think having a husband who is a web designer, my blog would be awesome, but alas it's the last thing he wants to do when he gets home from work. Ha ha.

I like the new look!